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2020 Teams

Below is a list of our projected teams for the 2020 season as well as some of our coaching assignments.  The assignments are subject to change based on our club’s needs at tryouts, however this gives you a brief glimpse at our fantastic coaching staff.  Other assignments will be made at club tryouts.

We also have a limited number of openings for High School players who would like to serve as Volunteer Coaches for our U12-14 teams - you must be at least 16 years old. If you are a high school player and would like to earn some volunteer hours as a coach, please email our club director, Tony Miranda:

Click on the club logo for more information on our club’s programs and teams.

2020 Teams

We will be adding coaches names as assignments are finalized.

We do not always post all assignments because some of them are driven by tryouts as well as where our coaches coach High School volleyball. Many of our coaches coach in High School and we have to reassign because of a school conflict. 

For 2020 we will be offering a few additional teams in the Northend to accommodate players displaced from other clubs. We have plenty of gym space in the Northend and are working to secure additional staff.

If you are interested in coaching for NW Juniors, please contact our Club Director, Tony Miranda.


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2020 Eastside Teams

1 17 UA Blue Chris Lundquist Jim Hardy Guang-an Wu
2 16 UA Blue Chris Hui Megan Birch Nancy Huang
3 16 UA Grey Casey Brown Savannah Sleasman Sue Reed
4 16 Baden Blue Alyx Packard Rod Paulino Ethan Smith 
5 15 UA Blue Sara Pulaski Ben Cokanasiga Nora Mackenzie
6 15 UA Grey Loretta Forrest Mitch Bio Sharon Wilkins 
7 15 Baden Blue Sydney Rypien Wes VanDevanter Michelle Jack 
8 15 Baden Grey Amy Moszeter Lauren Zeller

Kara Wood

9 14 UA Blue Zoey Lange Nancy Biscocho Kristi Baird 
10 14 UA Grey Tracie Fenton McKenna Fenton Angelina Holverstott
11 14 Baden Blue Devyn Barttelt Yaneli Garcia Shannon Whittaker
12 13 UA Blue Sabry Hefny Tyler Donlan

Anna Jaramillo

13 13 UA Grey Vettiar Chup Gabe Mathis Tanya Martin
14 13 Baden Blue Macie Cross Kaileahna McCollom Michelle Ray
15 13 Baden Grey Jim Hardy Chris Lundquist
Cora Lundquist
Lena Livanes 
16 12 UA Blue Glenn Moen Devyn Barttelt, Kate Moen  
17 12 Baden Blue Kelci Stewart Emily Yoder Lindsey Tews


2020 Northend Teams

1 16 UA Black Dale Raymond Ivan Maruta Tara Eason
2 16 UA White Mandi Morrison Rick Farrell Christina Rizk
3 15 UA Black Joe Reuben Ali Compton

Keli Anne Thoesen

4 15 UA White Alley Hadden Haylee Hooper Heidi Grant
5 14 UA Black Debbie Miranda Kealey Stanich

Vicki McMaster

Kim Rodgers

6 14 Baden Black Sara Gauna Danika Brown Melissa Dilling
7 13 UA Black Taylor Brooks Heather Goodman

Casey Hatfield 

8 12 UA Black Jami Frymier  Brooklynn Bailey Jami Frymier 
9 11 UA Black Caitlin Sylvester Becca Nowak Barbara Nowak 


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Busy Weekend on tap for Several NW Juniors Teams

01/15/2019, 5:45pm PST
By Tony Miranda

MLK Weekend Tournament Information

Nineteen NW Juniors teams are in action this weekend with four teams heading to Oregon and the remaining teams staying home and participating in the NW Juniors MLK Weekend tournament.

Details for each tournament can be found below or on each event's tournament page: 





2019 TEAMS

2019 Eastside Teams

  TEAM Head Coach Assistant Coach
1 18 UA Blue Kealey Stanich  Jose Fernandez
2 17 UA Blue Ashley Snedeker Thomas Hoistad
3 16 UA Blue Kendall Koch Railey Holst
4 16 UA Grey Joe Reuben Ashtyn Duncan
5 16 Baden Blue

Savannah Feist

Nancy Biscocho
6 15 UA Blue Vettiar Chup Chris Hui
7 15 UA Grey Jason Sanchez Casey Brown
8 15 Baden Blue Alyx Packard Rod Paulino
9 15 Baden Grey Loretta Forrest Ben Cokanasiga
10 14 UA Blue Oksana Greydinger Kelsey Crawford
11 14 UA Grey Sara Pulaski Makenna Winter
12 14 Baden Blue Tracie Fenton McKenna Fenton
13 14 Baden Grey Carlee Rowell Meng Bak
14 13 UA Blue Sabry Hefny Zoey Lange
15 13 Baden Blue Lindsay McCauley Kim Smisek
16 13 Baden Grey Erik Willert Jordan Hunter
17 12 UA Blue Kelci Stewart Emily Yoder
18 12 Baden Blue Glenn Moen Devyn Barttelt, Kate Moen


2019 Northend Teams

  TEAM Head Coach Assistant Coach Team Focal
1 16 UA Black Tony Miranda Haylee Hooper  
2 16 UA White Doug Compton Debbie Miranda  
3 15 UA Black Mandi Morrison Rick Farrell  
4 15 UA White Ivan Maruta Langley Jackson  
5 14 UA Black Cydnie Compton Heather Waters  
6 14 Baden Black Savannah Horton Liana Hagans  
7 13 UA Black Debbie Miranda Audree Weekes  
8 12 UA Black Taylor Brooks Heather Goodman