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NWJRS Elite VBC Club Information

NWJRS Elite VBC - Under Armour Team Program


The Northwest Juniors Elite VBC fields "Under Armour" teams which compete in USA Volleyball tournaments in the 12-Under through 18-Under age divisions.  Our "Under Armour" teams play a Nationally Competitive Schedule and travel to different parts of the country seeking the best competition available.  The Under Armour teams are the #1 and in some cases #1 and #2 teams in their age group in a given location. Players selected for our Under Armour teams will compete in regular season tournaments from January through May.

Our #1 U14-U17 Under Armour teams will continue past May and play in a post-season tournament in June/July.  Our U12, U13, and U18's #1 teams and our #2 Under Armour teams have the option to compete in June if they qualify for the Junior National Championship Tournament or if they elect to add another post-season tournament. Tournaments during the regular season are selected which will give our Under Armour teams an opportunity to play regionally and nationally competitive teams and will give them a chance to qualify for the Junior National Championship Tournament.

NWJRS Elite VBC -- Baden Team Program

15 Baden Black at Yakima Jamboree


The Northwest Juniors Baden teams Team program is a lower cost travel program that provides strong coaching and competition against clubs in the Puget Sound Region. All teams travel to one out of region tournament. Baden teams may also be ideal for athletes that have time conflicts with the longer Under Armour team season. Players must tryout to be selected for a Baden team and membership in not guaranteed as there are a limited number of positions available at each age group (typically one Under Armour and one Baden team in each age group at each location).

  • Baden Teams hold tryouts at the same time and location as the Under Armour teams.
  • Baden teams practice 2 times per week, sometimes on Sundays,  and do have practices in December.
  • Baden teams season ends with the NW Juniors Memorial Weekend Tournament in May.
  • There are three periods during the season where Baden teams may have limited practice because of limited gym availability (Winter Break, Mid-Winter Break, & Spring Break,).


Our Under Armour teams have different goals than our Baden teams.

Our Under Armour teams are set up to compete at the highest level both within the region and Nationally. As a result, our mission, goals, playing time rules, costs, amount of training, travel, etc. are different.

Our Baden teams are set up to compete at a level that fits the team. In the past, we have had highly competitive Baden teams and we have had teams that have not. Regardless, the mission of our Baden team program is to provide opportunities because we feel that the sport of volleyball is for everyone, not just the "elite" athlete.  It is a life-long sport for players of all levels and all ages. We do select top athletes to compete in our Baden program, but the mission is geared towards development and growth.

Under Armour Teams Mission Statement

Our Under Armour Team program (also called National team in some clubs)  was founded to give local athletes who are motivated to play volleyball at the collegiate level an opportunity to excel, receive advanced training, and gain exposure for their hard work and dedication.

We do this by providing an environment where these motivated athletes will be exposed to high levels of training with an emphasis on fundamentals and sportsmanship, be given opportunities to compete with the best teams in the country, and offer them the tools to be successful. Among the tools we will provide:

  • Training in sound systems of play used by the some of the greatest teams in the world. Many of our coaches are versed and trained in the Gold Medal Squared systems of play as well as other systems used by college programs throughout the country. We do not advocate just one system of play as there are many systems taught at the collegiate level.
  • Tools to promote themselves to college recruiters
  • An understanding of the importance of goal setting in developing the whole athlete and belief that in order to be successful, they must have a roadmap to success.
  • Promote leadership and teach the importance of team unity.
  • Stress the importance of personal discipline, organizational skills, time management, and character building.

Baden Teams Mission Statement

Our Baden Team program (also called Regional teams in some clubs) is committed to providing opportunities for young athletes at all levels of development to engage in quality, competitive experiences. We are dedicated to the idea that any player, regardless of size or skill level, who wants to participate in the USAV Junior Volleyball Program, should be given that opportunity.

A competitive athletic experience can instill good work habits, enhance social development, contribute to mental and physical health, and teach values of personal responsibility, self-discipline, self-motivation, and teamwork. Participation in junior volleyball also improves the athlete’s opportunity to realize the goals of:

  • Improving individual skills and ability to play and contribute as a member of a team.
  • Earning or keeping a position on the school varsity volleyball team.
  • Earning a college scholarship.

Each of the above goals involves individual player growth. This includes improvement in skill level AND in the mental outlook necessary to be a successful member of a volleyball team. The Northwest Juniors philosophy regarding player growth is simple; one must play to improve.

Costs for NW Juniors Elite VBC Teams

Club cost information is made available at tryouts.
Here is what is included in the costs.  Our club is one of the few clubs Nationally sponsored by Under Armour. Our Primary NW Juniors Elite Colors are Black and Columbia Blue.

UNDER ARMOUR TEAM UNIFORM PACKAGE: 4 jerseys, 2 practice tee-shirts (1 light, one dark) , Warm-up tops and bottoms, Mizuno volleyball shoes (black), Black Spandex, Under Armour team Backpack, team socks.

BADEN TEAM UNIFORM PACKAGE: 2 jerseys (with the option to purchase a third pink jersey), 1 practice tee-shirt (with the option to purchase a second) , Warm-up tops and bottoms, Mizuno volleyball shoes (black), Black Spandex, Under Armour team Backpack, team socks.

INCLUSIONS: Gym Rental, Tournament entry fees, Coaches pay, uniforms, dues, background checks, etc., Administrative fees (postage, copies, accounting, webmaster, etc.), Secondary Insurance fees, Equipment, Initial Medical Supplies / 1st Aid kit, 4-7 hours of practice per week (depending on whether or not they practice on Sundays), team and individual pictures.

Under Armour Team Extras: Position Tutoring, Recruiting Seminar (open to all), Club Recruiting coordinator, Goal-Setting, online profile available to recruiters, including link to online video (if you make it available to us).

Not Included:

USAV DUES are not included in the cost.  Players pay for a USAV tryout membership when they sign up for tryouts and pay the balance once they are selected for the club.


TRAVEL: Travel costs are listed separately from our club dues in our program costs. The cost of airfare is not included.  Every team in the club travels, here is an overview.

  • For the U14-17 Under Armour #1 teams in each location, travel costs includes the cost of the post-season tournament. For #2 Under Armour teams in either location, post season travel is optional.
  • For ALL U12 & U13 teams traveling within the Northwest, travel costs include tournament entry fee, and costs to transport and house the coaches and IS INCLUDED in your dues.  It does not include hotel or transportation costs for the players.  Parents are responsible to secure and house their players for Northwest area travel. We encourage all parents to attend Northwest area travel tournaments.
  • For ALL U14-U18 teams, billed travel costs within the Northwest include tournament fees and lodging for players, coaches and one team chaperone — they do not include player transportation costs.
  • For all travel outside the Northwest that requires a flight, billed travel costs include tournament fees, lodging for players, coaches, and one team chaperone; airfare for coaches and one chaperone; transportation while at the tournament (usually two vehicles), Fuel and parking costs for rental vehicles; club overhead for securing travel. It does not include individual airfare.


Here is a list of tournaments each UNDER ARMOUR team will play in and the travel that is included in their schedule.

18 Under Armour Y Y   Y Y Optional   Y ECC Optional
17 Under Armour Y Y   Y Y Y   Y ECC Y
16 Under Armour Y Y   Y Y Y   Y ECC Y
15 Under Armour Y   Y Y Y Y   Y ECC 15-1-Yes
15-2 Optional
14 Under Armour Y   Y Y Y Y   Y ECC



13 Under Armour Y   Y Y Y Optional Y Y NWJRS Optional
12 Under Armour Y   Y Y Y N Y Y NWJRS Optional



Here is a list of tournaments each BADEN team will play in and the travel that is included in their schedule. BADEN teams' season ends with the Mother's Day Challenge travel tournament in Centralia.

17 Baden Y   Y Y Y Y
16 Baden Y   Y Y Y Y
15 Baden Y   Y Y Y Y
14 Baden Y   Y Y Y Y
13 Baden Y   Y Y Y Y
12/11 Baden Y Y Y Y Y Y


Travel & Policies

(Cost of airfare is not included in travel cost)


  • 18 Under Armour teams have the option of adding a Qualifier at an additional cost; if they qualify they can add Nationals at an additional cost.
  • 13 Under Armour teams have the option of adding a traveling Qualifier at an additional cost; if they qualify for Nationals, they must attend at an additional cost.
  • 12 Under Armour teams do not have the option of adding a qualifier; if they qualify for Nationals in Spokane or at the region bid tournament, they must attend at an additional cost.

EXTRA TRAVEL:  For U14 -U17 Under Armour #1 teams, post season travel is not optional, but is billed throughout the season in addition to your dues.  The costs for each of the available post season events is similar.  Should actual costs rise beyond our budgeted costs, there may be an additional amount collected at the end of the season.  Possible post season travel scenarios include

  • If an Under Armour team qualifies for GJNC they are required to attend.  The tournament is different days for different age groups.
  • For U14-17 teams it is included in your travel fees
  • For U12-13 and U18’s teams it is an additional cost that will be billed separately.  The additional cost will include travel and an extra month of practices.
Any U14-U17 #1 Under Armour team that does not qualify for Junior Nationals will attend a different post-season tournament. Typically either the Patriot Division of USAV Junior Nationals or the VOLLEYBALL FESTIVAL  in Phoenix.

Changes continue in 2017 for the U18's Division

New 18s Championships

USA Volleyball Girls' 18s Junior National Championship

Beginning in 2016, the Open, National, and USA Divisions of the GJNC were held April 29, 30 and May 1 and laveled the Spring GJNC. 

NEW: The 2017 Spring GJNC for 18s Open, National,  American and USA Divisions will be held on April 21-23 in  Dallas, Texas.  

This year, all U18's divisions will be at the Spring GJNC Championships (last year the 18 American division was in the Summer Championships with the younger age groups). Added to the 18s Championship event in the spring will be a Patriot Division (non-qualifying). 
The field sizes for each division of the 18s divisions will be as follows:

  • Open – 36 teams – all from National Qualifiers
  • National – 48 teams – all from Regions
  • USA - 48 teams – all from National Qualifiers
  • American – 64 teams all from a combination of Regions and National Qualifiers
  • Patriot – Up to 48 teams – all via open entry process. If space will allow, more teams may be accepted in this division.

Why the change?

Over the past 3 to 5 years, we've seen a steady change in the composition of the Girls' 18-&-Under Divisions at the Girls' Junior National Championships (GJNC). The change has been causing fluctuating rosters, late drops of teams, Regions unable to fill allocated bids and significant changes to team rosters to ensure that the team can follow through on its commitment to participate in the Championships.

To try and solve this problem, the USAV National Office, USAV Regions (RVAs) and clubs must all share in adjusting their "Standard Operating Procedures" to allow these athletes, many of which have participated in the GJNC for many years, the opportunity to play in the Championships without over-extending their length of commitment. USAV plans to offer a stand-alone GJNC for this age group beginning in 2016.

**All information on this page was pulled from an official USAV statement**