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Coaching Staff

"The best teachers are also the best students --  as the program director of this club, I'm always looking for ways to improve my own skills as well as those of my coaches, so with that in mind, I meet with them at the start of every season for training to bring them up to date on the latest most innovative forms of training that our profession has to offer.   With 25 years in this business, I want to take what's best from the tried and true methods, but also keep learning as new information and training techniques keeps us fresh and motivated."

~Tony Miranda


2021 Coaching Staff

NW Juniors Elite Volleyball Club is proud to announce it has assembled one of the best coaching staffs ever for the upcoming season! This staff includes collegiate coaches and collegiate players, several local respected  high school coaches, and multiple former NWJRS players who competed for us, went on to play collegiately and now are back.  As a group, we have some of the top volleyball minds on staff!

Our entire staff is IMPACT and Safe Sport certified and our coaches annually attend the NW Juniors Elite Coaches Clinic led by club Director, Tony Miranda. Several coaches have their CAP certification; high school coaches have their CPR certification and regularly attend WIAA Coaching Clinics. Our experienced staff guides our new coaches to ensure that all of our coaches find success.

All of our coaches share a love of the game of volleyball, and a love and passion for NW Juniors Elite and all the players that pass through our doors. Several coaches compete indoors and on the beach -- our coaches have a passion for the game of volleyball and that passion shows when they coach our athletes. We could not be more excited about the upcoming season and the staff that you will all get to know. To read more about our coaches, click on individual names in the list to the left.

NW Jrs Elite Coaches are led by our experienced, full time Club Director, Tony Miranda. He has 25+ years experience as a coach and club administrator. Former PSR Junior Program Director, 10+ years collegiate coach.

Staff Openings

We are in the process of hiring and finalizing our staff, if you are interested in joining our staff for the 2021 Club season, please fill out a coaching application.

We also have a limited number of openings for High School players who would like to serve as Volunteer Coaches for our U12-14 teams. If you are a high school player, preferably with some club experience, and would like to earn some community service or volunteer hours as a coach, please email our club director, Tony Miranda:


2021 Eastside Teams & Staff

1 18 UA Blue Tracie Fenton Kayla Mecham
2 17 UA Blue Chris Hui Julia MAckey
3 16 UA Blue Vettiar Chup Meng Bak
4 16 UA Grey Megan Birch Gabe Mathis
5 15 UA Blue Zoey Lange Nancy Biscocho
6 15 UA Grey Oksana Greydinger Bianca Greydinger
7 14 UA Blue Sabry Hefny Shelby Barnes
8 14 UA Grey Jim Hardy Cydney Bolasky
9 13 UA Blue Glenn Moen Kate Moen
10 13 UA Grey Maddie Sharp Heidi Norman
11 12 UA Blue Kelci Stewart Shaun Williams
12 12 UA Grey Octavio Medina Gurrola Keelan Memory


2021 Northend Teams & Staff

1 18 UA Black Kealey StanichCaitlin Sylvester
Rick Farrell, Rylie Rasar
2 17 UA Black
3 16 UA Black Mandi Morrison Montana Disegna
4 16 UA White Wesley VandeVanter Mitch Bio
5 15 UA Black Debbie Miranda Jordyn Stocks
6 15 UA White Shelby Shackelford Christina Sanchez
7 14 UA Black Heather Goodman Kayla Freed
8 14 UA White Alyx Packard Bella Uttech
9 13 UA Black Carlee Rowell Kimberly Le
10 12 UA Black Caitlin Sylvester Ali Compton