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TRYOUTS - USAV Membership and Forms - REQUIRED

Our Tryout check-in is "TOUCH FREE". 

To help us in preparing for Tryouts, PLEASE COMPLETE ALL paperwork & proof of USAV Membership within 48 hours of registering for our Tryouts.

USAV Membership and forms: complete and sign on-line.  

1. Both cardiac/concussion forms need to be completed - one for the player and one for the parent
   aCardiac and Concussion Player  REQUIRED to be signed by PLAYER. (DO NOT SIGN FOR YOUR ATHLETE)
   b. Cardiac and Concussion Parent  REQUIRED to be signed by PARENT.

2. Medical Release – Yes Emergency Care
    Medical Release – No Emergency Care

3. USAV Tryout Membership  $20.00 This is the insurance that allows players to step foot onto the court.  Proof of USAV membership must include the dates it is valid for or the expiration date. 

4.  Please be sure to e-mail proof of your USAV Tryout Membership to billing@volleyballnw.comIf you don't have access to a scanner, then take a picture with your phone or a screen shot and e-mail it.

Contact Us:

Northwest Volleyball Foundation
2122 112th Ave NE, Suite B300
Bellevue, WA 98004

Billing Questions:
General Information: (This is the best way to reach us with your questions.  We make every effort to respond within 24 hours during regular business hours. For e-mails sent on weekends, we try to answer by end of day on Monday, but sometimes earlier.)

Phone: 425-497-1051


The following information is made available to parents once their player has accepted a spot on a team by signing the Letter of Commitment.

**You should have received a Welcome e-mail from the club, but if you missed it - below is the information.


Step 1:  Club Registration (choose one):  (This is different from the tryout registration and must be completed for ALL players). Deadline: U12-U14 Sunday, Nov 6th, 2022; Deadline: U15--U18 Sunday, Nov 27th, 2022.

  1. Club Registration – Monthly Installment plan.  If you are new to the club, then you will need to create an account in LeagueApps for installment payment plan.
  2. Club Registration - Full Payment 5% Discount

Step 2:  Please read the Club Handbook: 

The Handbook outlines our club structure, policies, pricing, etc.  It is vital that you completely read the handbook. SIGN THE CLUB HANDBOOK PARTICIPANT AGREEMENT:  Deadline: U12-U14 Sunday, Nov 6th, 2022; Deadline: U15--U18 Sunday, Nov 27th, 2022.

Step 3: Order uniform: AFTER Uniform fittingsDeadline: U15-U18 Thursday, December 1st, 2022 @ 12 noon.

Girls U15-U18 link: Order Uniform

Order practice tees and other gear. Players will attend uniform fittings and write down their size so you can place your order on-line.  Player uniform will be mailed to your home. The only payment due when you place your uniform order is for shipping and any spirit wear you might order.  *The cost of the uniform (except for shipping) is included in your club dues and mailed to your home.  *Shoes are ordered separately by the club and delivered at practice once they arrive.

Step 4:  USAV Membership Upgrade  - Deadline: U12-U14 Wednesday, Nov 9th, 2022; 
Deadline: U15--U18 Wednesday, Nov 30th, 2022.

Use the link below to upgrade your player’s USAV Tryout Membership to Full USAV Membership and assign it to NW Juniors VBC. 

*If your athlete already upgraded their USAV Membership, then you will use the same link to assign their membership to NW Juniors VBC.

Here is the link:


NW Juniors-Leagueapps - Login

Use this link to log in and make changes to your account, and update your credit or debit card information for automatic payment(s).

League Apps - Payment Plan: How to update your Credit or Debit Card

STEP 1: Log into your account. 
STEP 2: On the menu bar on the right hand side, under Invoices, click on “Payment Settings”.
STEP 3: You will see a box that says “Linked Accounts”. Click on the “Edit” button to update your credit card information.  Be sure to click on the “SAVE” button at the bottom.