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TRYOUTS - Additional Paperwork (REQUIRED for all participants)

These USA Volleyball Forms are required and must be completed in order to participate in our Tryouts and Indoor Club Season; (even if you turned in paperwork for our 2019 Fall Academy you will need to complete it again for the upcoming 2020 volleyball season).

  • Medical Release Form 2019/2020
  • Concussion/Cardiac Info with Signature page
  • USAV Tryout Membership - $5.00 Tryout membership registration opens up with Puget Sound Region USAV on October 1, 2019.
  • For U11-U14 Tryouts - If you already have USAV Membership from the 2019 club season, then you don’t “need” the USAV Tryout Membership to tryout.  However the Tryout Membership is the only membership that covers players during the month of November – the period between the end of the 2019 Membership and the first day they can upgrade to a 2020 Membership (12/1/19). Since we will have practices in November, if your player makes a team then YES, they must have USAV Tryout Membership.

In order to speed up the check-in process for tryouts, please be sure to e-mail this paperwork with proof of USAV Membership to or Fax 425-671-5020.  If you don't have access to a scanner or fax, then take a picture with your phone and e-mail it.

Speed-up the Check-in DEADLINES:

  • 12 noon ONE DAY BEFORE your tryout;
  • WEEKEND Tryouts: 12 noon the THURSDAY BEFORE.  

If you miss the "Speed-up the Check-in" deadline, then please BRING IT WITH YOU TO TRYOUTS.

NW Juniors-Leagueapps - Login

Use this link to log in and make changes to your account, and update your credit or debit card information for automatic payment(s),

Helpful Tips & Information for Tournaments and Team Travel

This link includes, tournament, travel, and airfare rules plus information about team focal and chaperone responsibilities.

Chaperone & Focal Resources

Tips for Tournaments, Club Airfare and Travel rules, Meals, etc.

Parent Development

Below are a few articles that speak specifically to parents in terms of expectations and your experience as a youth sports parent.

Not all is required reading, but some of these articles might help you througout the season or throughout the course of your daughter's playing career.


Every Club Member must complete the following:

1. Club Registration and Payment plan Options:  Select the type of team your daughter is playing on; Baden OR Under Armour.

Baden Teams:

  1. Baden Team - Club Registration - Monthly Payment Plan
  2. Baden Team - Club Registration - Full Payment 5% Discount

Under Armour Teams:

  1. Under Armour Team - Club Registration - Monthly Payment Plan
  2. Under Armour - Club Registration - Full Payment 5% Discount

2.  USAV Membership Upgrade  

3.  Club Handbook Participant Agreement - Signature Page 

4.  Athletic Testing Waiver - Complete 1st page (bring both to Orientation)

These two items should have been completed and turned in for Tryouts.

  1. Medical Release Form 2019/2020
  2. Concussion/Cardiac Info with Signature page

Summer and Fall Programs

These forms must be completed for Beach Club, Beach Tournaments, Summer Camps and Fall Academy/HS Training.

  1. USAV Membership (not required for Indoor Summer Camps)
  2. Medical Release Form 2018/2019
  3. Concussion/Cardiac Info with Signature page

Bottega Beach Volleyball Park (events/programs only)