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Thank you to our Sponsors

Make your Sponsorship go further!

For just a $100/year more your sponsorship ad will appear on the Sponsorship page of NW Juniors Beach volleyball website.

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Thank-you to all of our Club Sponsors!

Our Northwest Volleyball Yearbook Sponsorship Ad Fundraiser is a valuable opportunity for our Club Members.  It provides the possibility for families to meet some, if not all of their financial obligation to our club by obtaining sponsorship advertising from businesses and individuals in their community.  Club members receive a credit of 100% of their Yearbook advertising sales (excluding sales tax) towards their Club “account” or 80% of their Platinum, Gold or Silver Sponsorship Package sales (excluding sales tax).  

If you don't have a player to sponsor, then you can elect to sponsor NW Juniors VBC as a whole.  

Want to advertise? Become a Sponsor and support Northwest Juniors VBC: Order here

Yearbook Sponsors

Your ad will appear in our yearbook and your company name will be included on our sponsorship page.  Yearbook sponsor ads are included in our Sponsorship page's rotating yearbook banner ads.  Yearbook ad costs:

  • *$50.00 Business Card size ad
  • *$100.00 Quarter page ad
  • *$200.00 Half Page ad
  • *$400.00 Full Page Ad

*Prices listed do not include sales tax.

Platinum Sponsor: 

  • One Full-page ad in our yearbook
  • Your logo on our Sponsorship Page with a link to your website, and
  • Your logo on our Home Page included with our rotating banner ads.
  • Your logo on our NW Juniors Beach volleyball Sponsorship Page
  • *$850.00 for one year.

Gold Sponsor: 

  • One Half-page ad in our yearbook
  • Your logo on our Sponsorship Page with a link to your website
  • *$450.00 for one year.

Silver Sponsor: 

  • One Quarter-page ad in our yearbook
  • Your logo on our Sponsorship Page with a link to your website.
  • *$375.00 for one year.

*Prices listed do not include sales tax.

Product Sponsors


Sports Health & Well Being Sponsors

Continued Partnership formed to aid in the health and well-being of NW Juniors Athletes. Foot & Ankle Centers of Washington, and their partner Sports Physical Therapy are partnering to provide services for NW Juniors Athletes. 

Platinum Sponsors

Copiers & Multi-functional Devices

IT Technology


Microsoft Cloud Service


Gold Sponsors

Bottega Beach Volleyball Park

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Sponsorship: Annual 2018

Silver Sponsors

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Sponsorship: Annual 2020

Thank you 2020 Yearbook Sponsors!

Pacific Diesel Service

Sparrey Consulting

Redmond's Kids Dentistry

Nuoz Corporation

National Testing Network


Commercial Office Systems

Snoridge Crossfit

Pacific Diesel Service

Under Armour


2020 Yearbook

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