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Yearbook Fundraiser

Yearbook Fundraiser

Our annual Northwest Volleyball Yearbook Fundraiser is a valuable opportunity for our Club Members.  It provides the possibility for families to meet some, if not all of their financial obligation to our club by obtaining yearbook ads from businesses and individuals in their community.

Individuals and businesses that advertise in the yearbook will be “sponsoring” your club membership.  Club members will receive a credit of 100% of their yearbook advertising sales (excluding sales tax) towards their Club “account”.   

Advertising prices range from $50.00 to $400.00 (plus sales tax),  which makes this an attractive “sponsorship” for businesses to gain exposure while contributing back to their community by “supporting” your club membership.  This fund-raising program provides you with the opportunity to raise enough money to pay for your club dues.  In previous years, several players raised over $500.00 in yearbook ads by the beginning of December and several club members raised nearly ALL of their dues for the entire club season!

In addition to being a Yearbook Ad Sponsor, beginning with our 2018/2019 Club Season, potential yearbook advertisers have the opportunity to upgrade their yearbook advertising and become an on-line Platinum, Gold, or Silver Sponsor. Their company’s logo with a link to their website is posted on the Sponsors page of our website.  On-line Sponsor page packages range from $375.00 to $850.00. Club members will receive a credit of 80% for Platinum, Gold, or Silver advertising sales (excluding sales tax) towards their Club “account”.  For more information click [HERE}

Most companies are eager to contribute to a youth sports program and benefit their business with exposure to potential new customers or clients.

Anyone can be a potential advertiser:

Your hair dresser, your car mechanic, your dentist or orthodontist, your pet groomer or vet, your piano teacher, your accountant, weekend getaways, or perhaps you have a friend or neighbor who owns a business.  Family and friends are even happy to purchase yearbook ads cheering on their player and her team.

The deadline for yearbook advertising is March 1st.

Click here to place your Sponsorship order

This link allows you to select the player you are sponsoring, your level of sponsorship, upload your ad and/or logo and make payment.

Resources For Contacting Potential Advertisers

Following are the resources to help you obtain your yearbook advertising sales. Use this Yearbook home page as a resource. You can print out portions of previous years’ books as a reference for prospective advertisers. Please do not contact the previous year's advertisers in our yearbook, unless they were your sponsor.  These pages have been updated for 2018/2019 Club Season.

Advertisers can place their order online, upload their ad, and make payment: [CLICK HERE]

‚ÄčContact Potential Advertiser (hard copies):

  • The letter you can use to send to your prospective advertisers.
  • The ad form that gets filled out and turned in with each ad sold (they can also fill out an online form).
  • Contact Potential Advertiser (e-mail).

Get Started Now!

The yearbook advertising deadline is March 1st.  

If you have questions, please direct your inquiry to this email address:


Sponsorship Ad Order

This link allows you to specify the player you are sponsoring, select your level of sponsorship, upload your ad and/or logo and make payment.  Click [HERE] to place your order

Yearbook ad DEADLINE:

March 1st.

2020 Yearbook