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Updated Information for NW Juniors Members

11/20/2020, 12:30pm PST
By NW Juniors Staff

Welcome to the 2020-21 Season! 

The key word for this season is going to be FLEXIBILITY! We are definitely in for a season of changes. 

We want to let all of our members know that we will be sending out a Welcome email no later than November 21. The email will have club registration information (our initial payment deadline has been extended), a copy of the new Club Handbook, and links to order practice tees and other gear. 

We also hope to have updated information on the region's NEW process for upgrading USAV memberships. If we are not able to include it in the email, we will add the information to this notice.

One of the questions we have received in recent days is what we plan to do with the delayed start of the season. As of this moment, we have lost 4 practices because of the two week delay. We intend to schedule for and start practices the week of December 14. For the lost practices:

  1. Our first priority will be to add 4 indoor practices back in over the course of the season. 
  2. Should we have difficulty adding all of those practices, we plan to add them as outdoor practices at our Beach Facility in the Spring.
  3. Should we have difficulty making up the practices either indoors or outdoors, we will send a pro-rated refund at the conclusion of the season. 

If our season is delayed more than these two weeks, we will use the same plan and/or extend the season. As of now, we intend to keep the end of the season the same.

  • U14 and younger teams' seasons will end with the May 1-2 Regional Championships
  • U15 and older teams' seasons will end Memorial Day Weekend at the end of May.