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2024 Spring Classic Tournament - AAU Super Regional

2024 Spring Classic Tournament: March 9-10, 2024

Hosted by NW Juniors Volleyball Club


Tournament Information:

The 2024 Spring Classic Tournament is an open entry AAU  tournament for teams looking for an alternative to playing in Central Washington or looking for an alternative travel tournament that is not a USAV National Qualifier. The tournament is for teams of all levels. This is the fifth year we are hosting the event as an AAU Super Regional.

The tournament is a 2-day format with two rounds of pool and playoffs. All teams play both days of the tournament. As a courtesy, we start the tournament a little later in the morning so teams can commute if they prefer.


Spring Classic Tournament: March 9-10, 2024




We are accepting teams first PAID, first in until the event fills. This a great opportunity for teams to play in a championship-level event at a convenient location midway between Seattle and Portland. The venue also houses 22 courts in one location.


For all age groups:

  • Two-day Tournament 
  • 22 courts in ONE locations: NW Sports Hub in Centralia, WA.
  • All teams will play their first pool on Saturday; then the tournament will be re-seeded and they will start their second round of pool Saturday afternoon/evening. 
  • Teams will finish 2nd round of pool on Sunday and be seeded into their bracket play Sunday afternoon. 
  • Assuming all 3 or 4-team pools, teams will get a minimum of 6 matches. 4 matches Saturday, and at least 2 matches Sunday.

We encourage teams to enter early to guarantee Entry. 
The NW Sports Hub has 22 courts in the same venue - 14 courts in the main building and an additional 8 courts in their Annex. 

We plan to use 19 courts for our event and offer these Girl's Divisions:

This is our initial allotment, but we reserve the right to adjust based on entries. 

  • U18 (8 Teams)
  • U16 (36 Teams)
  • U14 (16 Teams)
  • U13/12 (16 Teams)

Competition Schedule:


We traditionally use a later start each day to accommodate teams or players that prefer to commute each day. 

  • There will only be one entrance to the facility for spectators. We will use the restaurant/grill entrance.
  • The ANNEX entrance will be open for players and coaches from 8:30 to 9:00 AM ONLY. After 9:00 AM they must use the restaurant-grill entrance. (The ANNEX is where the Black courts are located in the map below).
  • Doors open to spectators at 8:45 AM. Entry will be $5.00 per day. Cash Only, please. We will use different hand stamps each day. We will have two separate lines to speed up the entry process. 
  • Children 10 & under and Seniors 65 & Older will be admitted free.
  • There is a mandatory coaches meeting Saturday at 9:00 AM. ALL teams must attend and verify their rosters. Please be prepared to show proof of AAU membership for those that were not inputted or verified on your AES Roster.
  • Play will begin at 9:30 AM both days of the competition.
  • Entry schedule will be the same on Sunday.
  • Last Scheduled Match Saturday is 5:00 PM 
  • Playoffs begin Sunday at 2:00 PM; the last scheduled match Sunday is 6:00 PM.  





$400.00 early entry for teams registered and paid by 12/29/23 at 9:00 PM PST. After 12/29/23, entry fee is $450.00 per team.

When paying by credit card, a credit card processing fee applies. If paying by check, registration & acceptance date will be when the check is received, not when a team is registered online. 

Entry fee is refundable if the tournament is cancelled. Payment is required for acceptance, and teams will be accepted first PAID, first in. Registration date does not determine order, nor guarantee acceptance. There is a $50 administration fee for teams that drop after payment. No refunds after the entry deadline unless the tournament is cancelled. 

Our event in NOT a stay and play event, but we do recommend going through the Twin Cities Sports Commission and using one of the hotels listed on the site for the NW Sports Hub 




Spring Classic Tournament Hotels

This is not a Stay and Play tournament, however, we are working directly with the Twin Cities Sports Commission to put together hotel packages for visiting teams. They have created a direct event BOOKING LINK so you can access available rooms for this weekend.

They have connected with hotels throughout the Centralia and Chehalis area and secured available rooms.





AAU Membership Guidelines:

This event is licensed by the Amateur Athletic Union of the U.S., Inc.·   All participants must have current AAU membership numbers before competition begins (pending status is not acceptable).  Visit to obtain membership (club, non-athlete and athlete membership required). Membership is not included in the event entry fee.  BE PREPARED:  Adult and Non-Athlete memberships are no longer instant and cannot be applied for at the event.  Please allow up to 10 days for membership to be processed.

Be sure and import your AAU numbers into AES using a data import. You will be required to turn in an AES roster at the coaches meeting with AAU membership verification. 

Waivered players cannot participate in this event.


For approved AAU Grand Prix and Super Regional Events, winning teams will earn a free or discounted entry fee for the AAU National Championships or the Volleyball Festival.

The amount of the discount depends on the number of teams competing in the event in that age division.

  • The discount could range from 30% to 100%.
  • Please refer to the tournament guidelines* for more information.

These events are not qualifiers for the National Championships, as the Nationals are open to any team.

  • All teams must still enter the National Championships or Volleyball Festival by the entry deadline, regardless of the date of the Grand Prix or Super Regional.  Spots will not be held for winning teams.
  • International Club: All international club teams planning to attend AAU Volleyball Nationals MUST participate in a AAU Grand Prix or Super Regional event as a prerequisite in order to attend AAU Nationals. If the respective team has not competed in a Grand Prix or Super Regional event, that team is not eligible to for entry into AAU Volleyball Nationals

How to win:

  • The winner in each girls' division with 16 or more teams will receive a free entry to the AAU National Championships or the Volleyball Festival.
  • The winner in each boys' division with 12 or more teams will receive a free entry fee to the AAU National Championships.
  • If less teams participate, the entry fee will be adjusted on a percentage basis based on the number of teams that participated in that division.

Teams earning a free or discounted entry fee must contact before July 1st, 2024. Refund requests will not be accepted after July 1st, 2024. Winning teams WILL NOT automatically be refunded, nor will they be contacted by the National Office. Refunds will be issued after completion of the AAU National Tournament to teams who participated in the 2024 AAU National Tournament.‚Äč

AAU Rules, Scorekeeping, Etc. for participating teams







Coaches/Club Directors:

We will be printing out AES rosters for all the teams and will have them available for you to sign at the coaches meeting. We printed rosters on Wednesday. If you made an update to your roster after Wednesday (or if you just want to be sure we have the correct roster), you can print out and bring your own AES or AAU roster.

Some directors have commented that they have had some issues getting all their players through AES. Here is a response I received from AAU regarding rosters and membership verification:

"Through AES they should be submitting rosters with their AAU memberships verified.  They can do this by doing the import from AAU in their AES account.  If for some reason some of their members do not show up as verified, they can show you a copy of their AAU membership card to prove they have a current membership."

It might also be a good idea to login to your AAU and print out a member list, just to be safe. With so many teams coming from out of town, we do not want there to be an instance where we cannot allow a player to play because they cannot prove their AAU membership. 

Pools and Tournament Handbook

Play Information will be posted here when final. There will be a link to the AES schedule. 

Typical Pool Schedule

4-Team Pool

1 1 VS 3 2
2 2 VS 4 1
3 1 VS 4 3
4 2 VS 3 1
5 3 VS 4 2
6 1 VS 2 4





3-Team Pool 

1 1 VS 3 2
2 2 VS 3 1
3 1 VS 2 3





Sports Hub Rules-2023

Sports Hub Guidelines
Sports Hub Map & Directions 

Please note that we WILL be charging admission for this event. Admission is $5 per day, with a different hand stamp each day. Cash only, please. Outside food is not allowed in the Sports Hub, so be aware we will be checking bags at the admission gate. 

  • There will only be one entrance to the facility for spectators. We will use the restaurant/grill entrance.
  • The ANNEX entrance will be open for players and coaches from 8:30 to 9:00 AM ONLY. After 9:00 AM they must use the restaurant-grill entrance. (The ANNEX is where the Black courts are located in the map below).
  • Doors open to spectators at 8:45 AM each day.
  • Children 10 & under and Seniors 65 & Older will be admitted free.

Bleacher seating is available on most courts. On courts where bleachers are not provided, outside chairs will be permitted. We recommend spectators come prepared for either scenario.

Remember: Food and drink are not allowed into the facility. HUB CITY GRUB and TAPROOM as well as Par 4 Sports, will be open throughout the weekend. There will be designated areas inside the facility for teams to put their equipment, etc. (not food or coolers, they are not allowed inside the facility). 

HUB Layout - 2024 with new Annex

2024 Court Allocation

  • U18's: 2 Courts: Red 3 & Red 4
  • U16's: 9 Courts: Red 1 & 2, Orange 1-3, Blue 1 & 3, Yellow 2 & 4
  • U14's: 4 Courts: Red 4, Green 1-3
  • U12-13's: Black 1, 3, 4, Yellow 1
  • In order to enhance the player and spectator experience, we will not use these courts:  Blue 2, Black 2, Yellow 3

Contact Information

Contact Information:

For questions about the Spring Classic Tournament, please contact our Tournament Director, Tony Miranda via email at or by phone at 425-497-1051 ext. 102


U18: Club South 18 Carolina

U16: Oly Reign 16's

U14: Club 208 14's


U14: NW Jrs 13 UA Blue

U12: SIVA 12 North

U18: NW Elite 18-1 Gold

U16: Excel NW 16-1 Rox