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2023 President's Day Weekend Tournament

2023 Presidents Weekend Tournament: Feb. 18-20, 2023


The 26th Annual Under Armour President's Weekend Tournament is an “all-comers” tournament.

Our U12-U18 Girl's Divisons will be a  3-day format with AM/PM Wave play on Saturday and Sunday and playoffs for all teams on Monday. (7 match minimum). 

New in 2023, we will offer a Boy's Division in a two-day format

(5 match minimum).


2023 Presidents Weekend Tournament: Feb. 18-20, 2023



We invite everyone to join us for the best Presidents Weekend Tournament in the Northwest, now in our 26th year, the 2023 President’s Day Weekend Tournament has evolved into one of the best three-day tournament values in the Northwest. 

Your entry fees are not paying for the rental of a big facility, convention center, or sport-court rentals — we are one of the last great multi-site tournaments.  In attending the Northwest Juniors President’s Day Weekend Tournament, you can expect to find quality competition for teams of all ages and skill levels.  This tournament will be held at various schools on over 25 courts in and around the South Seattle area (including Kent, Des Moines, Auburn, Renton, Tukwila, Burien).  The tournament is a three-day wave progressive pool play format similar to that of a National Qualifier. 

For 2023, we have also added a 2-day Boy's Division, to be held on Sunday & Monday at Highline College. 

Up officials are provided for all matches — all three days. 

Tournament Details

This tournament provides an excellent opportunity for out of state teams to spend the three-day weekend in the great city of Seattle, playing volleyball against some of the best teams in the Northwest.  It is also a great opportunity for U17 and U18 teams not able or unwilling to participate in out of state showcase tournaments.  This event has been a huge success in years past and will offer great competition for all age groups at a reasonable price. With the increased popularity of the U14, U15, & U16’s divisions over the past few years, this tournament will be the premier early season event for these age groups in the Western United States.  The tournament format will be pool play on Saturday and Sunday with playoffs on Monday — ALL TEAMS HAVE PLAYOFFS ON MONDAY.  Play should continue no later than 5:00 p.m. on Monday, President’s Day, so plan accordingly

  • Up Officials are provided all three days; teams must supply a second referee, lines people, and score keeping crew during their officiating assignment.
  • All pool play matches will be 2/3 to 25 points with a 27 point cap.  Game 3 is to 15, no cap. Exception: 3 teams pools that do not lead to a crossover match will play 3/3 to 25.
  • Playoffs will be 2/3 to 25, Game 3 to 15 — with no caps in any games.
  • Event tees are provided by Fine Designs and will be available at most sites

At the coaches meeting: Rosters that coaches or club directors submitted into AES will be printed out ahead of time for you to verify and sign.  We will also collect your signed USAV Rosters.  We will ask that you submit a phone number on the BOTH rosters so that our Tournament Director can contact you throughout the tournament if needed. THESE ROSTERS MUST MATCH AND CHANGES CAN ONLY BE MADE TO THE AES ROSTER.

All coaches are required to carry their signed players’ Medical Release Forms with them at all times during the tournament. You do not need to submit these forms at the Coaches Meeting.

For the U12's - U18's Girls Divisions:

Three-day Tournament 

  • 20- 30 courts in the South Puget Sound area (Sea Tac, Kent, Auburn, Sumner, Puyallup, Tacoma).
  • We will initially plan for 20 courts and expand if the field grows and courts are availble.
  • AM WAVE:
    • U14 Division: Up to 68 Teams Total; will be split into D1 (32 Teams) and D2 (34 Teams). 
    • U12 Division: 16 Teams Total
    • Saturday and Sunday & first rounds of playoffs Monday. 8:00 Start all three days,
  • PM WAVE:
    • U18 Division: 16 Teams Total
    • U16 Division: 32 Teams Total; Based on Saturday pool results, U16 will be split into D1 (16 Teams) and D2 (16 Teams). 
    • U15 Division:  16 Teams
    • Saturday and Sunday, second rounds of playoffs Monday. Play starts at 3:00 PM Saturday and Sunday, and 1 PM Monday

Monday is Single Elimination Playoffs. AM Wave teams will start playoffs at 8 AM; PM Wave teams will start no sooner than 10 AM. All playoff matches will be 2/3 

For the U14, U16 and U18 Boys Divisions:

Two-day Tournament 

  • 4 courts at Highline College in Des Moines. ALL PM WAVE
  • Boys U14 Division: Will be combine with U16's for pool play Sunday. Will seed into a 4-team U14 Modified Double Elimination tournament on Monday. 
  • Boys U16 Division: Will be combine with U14's for pool play Sunday. Will seed into a 4-team U16 Modified Double Elimination tournament on Monday. 
  • Boys U18 Division: 8 Total teams. Teams will play pool play Sunday and seed into an 8-team Modified Double Elimination tournament on Monday. 

ALL TEAMS WILL PLAY PM WAVE BOTH DAYS: Play starts at 3:00 PM Sunday, and approximately 1 PM Monday. All playoff matches will be 2/3 

Instructions for Canadian Teams

We typically get quite a few Canadian teams in our tournaments.  We ask that Canadian teams connect with our Region Office so that they can gather your documents. The region will collect your documents and contact us and inform us if your team is able to participate. Please do not procrastinate. The region WILL NOT allow your team to play without proper documentation. 

Puget Sound Region Office: 425-673-4103,

Below are links to forms that will need to be submitted to our region office so they can clear you to participate.





Entry fee is $600.00 per team, with a $50 discount for teams registered and paid by 12/31/22 at 9:00 PM PST ($550.00 for early entry). A credit card processing fee applies. Entry fee is refundable if the tournament is cancelled. Payment is required for acceptance, and teams will be accepted first PAID, first in. Registration date does not determine order, nor guarantee acceptance. There is a $50 administration fee for teams that drop after payment. No refunds after the entry dealdine unless the tournament is cancelled. 

For out of town teams, this is a stay and play tournament. Teams will be accepted after they pay AND after they have secured their hotel block.




Click Logo to Book your Rooms

Click here to Book your hotel rooms

This is a Stay and Play event

2023 is the fifth year we have been a "Stay and Play" Event. This year, Northwest Juniors will be using THS (Tournament Housing Services) to help you secure your accommodations. They have exellent customer service and have contracted with great hotels close to our venues. Out of town teams must secure rooms using THS in order to be accepted into the tournament. 




Wave Assignments

We will update the division limits when we have a better idea of how many teams have entered each division. 

UPDATED 2/1/2023


AM WAVE 14 Open 14 Club 12 Open
# COURTS 8 Courts 9 Courts 4 Courts
# teams

32 Teams

34 Teams 16 teams


Washington HS (4)

Sunrise Courts (3)

Dakine SC (1)


Pierce College (3)

Columbia JHS (3)

Dakine SC (1)

PSVBA Facility (2)

Same all 3 days


Washington HS (4)

Sunrise Courts (2)

Dakine SC (2)


Pierce College (3)

 Columbia JHS (2)

Highline College (4)

Franklin Pierce HS (4)


PM WAVE 18 Open 16 Open 15 Open
# COURTS 4 Courts 8 Courts 4 Courts
# teams

16 Teams

32 Teams 16 teams
Locations Same all 3 days

Same all 3 Days

Same all 3 days

Washington HS (4)

Sunrise Courts (3)

Pierce College (3)

Dakine SC (2)

Franklin Pierce HS (4)




Seeding & Division Assignments

As in previous years, in the U14’s and U16′ age groups we will use region Power League rankings (as of the January Power League) to determine seeding. For Evergreen Region and Canadian teams, we will contact the club director for team strength and place into D1 or D2 Accordingly. We reserve the right to move teams based on seeding and/or to balance the fields. 

Seeding in an inexact science, and we do our best to ensure teams are placed in the appropriate division and have a great experience. 

Confirmed Gyms: 2023

These are the confirmed gyms for 2023. As we secure additional gyms, we will add them here and increase the field size in each wave. 


Gym Courts Directions
Washington HS 4 12420 Ainsworth Ave S, Tacoma, WA 98444
Franklin Pierce HS 4 11002 18th Ave E, Tacoma, WA 98445
Sunrise Courts 3 16719 110th Avenue E, Puyallup, WA 98374
Pierce College 3 9401 Farwest Dr SW, Lakewood, WA 98498
PSVBA Facility 2 4918 20th St E, Fife, WA 98424
Columbia JHS 3 2901 54th Ave E, Fife, WA 98424
Dakine Sports Center 2 2818 69th Ave W, Tacoma, WA 98466
Highline College 4 2400 S 240th St, Des Moines, WA 98198


Playing Schedule & Tournament Handbook





We know it's tough to find all the information spread out over the page, so here is the information on rosters:

  1. We will provide the AES rosters to our tournament directors, so there is no need for you to print them out.
  2. PLEASE REMEBER: You must bring your USAV roster with you to the coaches meeting. Only cross off the players that are not playing AT ALL this weekend. 
  3. You will sign and turn in BOTH rosters at the coaches meeting Saturday (Sunday for boys). 
  4. The AES roster is for our Tournament Directors Reference, The USAV  Rosters get turned into the region office for verification after the event. 
  5. Because it is a multi-day tournament, you only turn in the roster on the first day.


We will have a team information booklet for all the teams in the 18 Open. They will be available for you at  the U18 sites. 

Your cost: leave a business card so we know you were here!


If you need to make changes after the roster deadline, please email our tournamend director ( The USAV roster is the official roster for the tournament, so if your AES roster cannot be modified in time, please at least sure your USAV roster is accurate (this includes making sure waivered players are on your USAV Roster) - this is the roster you turn in at the coaches meeting on Saturday and this roster must be accurate. Once you turn in your USAV roster, you cannot make changes.


Coaches, note that we do not have the ability to add waivered players to AES rosters. That can only be done at the AES/USA Volleyball level.  If you have waivered players, we are aware that they will not appear on your AES roster.  As long as they are on your USAV roster -- WHICH YOU TURN IN AT THE COACHES MEETING -- then they will be legal to play this weekend.




We will use AES tournament software to manage the Presidents Weekend Tournament.

A link to the playing schedule will be posted here no later than Wednesday prior to the event.



Depending on the format and number of matches, pool play matches will be one of three formats:

  • 2/3 to 25 points with a 27 point cap.  Game 3 is to 15, no cap.
  • 2/2 to 25 with a 27 point cap in both sets.
  • 3/3 to 25 points with 27 point cap on all three sets.

Monday Playoffs will be 2/3 to 25, Game 3 to 15 — with no caps in any games.


Officials are provided, teams must supply a second referee, lines people, and scorekeeper crew. 

Event tees and prizes are provided by Fine Designs and will be available at all sites.

Contact Information

Contact Information:

For questions about the 2023 President’s Day Weekend Tournament, please contact our Tournament Director, Tony Miranda via email at  or by phone at 425-497-1051 ext. 102 






We will be using many of the gyms currently in use for the Puget Sound Region Power League, so most of these gyms already have established guidleines and Spectator rules.

As we get closer to the tournament, we will post facility rules for each gym. Here is a LINK to the Puget Sound Region facility rules page.


2901 54th Ave E, Fife, WA 98424

Facility Rules

  • $5 gate fee for all girls PSR hosted events. CASH ONLY
  • We will NOT charge a gate on Monday.
  • Please note that the common (foyer) area is very small. Teams are advised to plan accordingly and bring outdoor tents for their eating areas. 
  • Personal Coolers are allowed in the foyer and the hallway.
  • No food tables, no common food. 
  • No sports drinks or pop in the gym.
  • There is limited bleacher seating on one side of the gym. Personal chairs are allowed on the other side of the big gym and in the auxiliary gym, but please bring something like a blanket to place the chair on. At no time should spectator seating interfere with playing or bench areas. Please be courteous and share or vacate your seat when your athlete is not playing. 


2818 69th Ave W, Tacoma, WA 98466

Facility Rules:

  • $5 gate fee for all girls PSR hosted events


11002 18th Ave E, Tacoma, WA 98445

Facility Rules

  • $5 gate fee for all girls PSR hosted events
  • Personal food, lunch bags, or small coolers ARE allowed
  • NO food tables allowed
  • NO large coolers allowed
  • Electrical outlets are strictly off limits including charging camera's or personal phones
  • Team areas may be set-up upstairs only


2400 S. 240th St, Des Moines, WA 98198

Facility Rules

  • Not charging admission at this time.
  • HIGHLINE will not charge for entry.  But people will have to buy a 1 day parking pass for the parking on campus. $1-$2 at the kiosk in parking lot.. They will now be ticketing on the weekend. 
  • Bring your own chair and a towel blanket to put underneath to protect the floor.
  • No team table /picnic food in the gym. Tables and team food need to be outside. You may bring individual servings of food to eat inside, but must clean up after yourself. 


9401 Farwest Dr SW, Lakewood, WA 98498

Use Parking Lots B & C 
Guest WiFi: Username = NWVF; PW = Pierce2023

Facility Rules

Attendees are encouraged to use their best judgement regarding masks and social distancing while on campus.  Everyone must respect the wishes of other attendees.  Harassment or shaming of others, due to differing personal viewpoints, will be subject to immediately removal from the facility and a permanent ban from campus.

  • $5 gate fee for all girls PSR hosted events. CASH ONLY
  • We will NOT charge a gate on Monday.
  • Mask wear is OPTIONAL by all attendees and participants
  • Proof of Vaccination or Screening Questionnaires are no longer required
  • No communal food, no food tables and no big coolers allowed in the building. Teams can utilize Room 302 as a team/food area. Tables are provided, and players can have ther personal coolers/food in the room. NO TEAM FOOD TABLES OR TEAM COOLERS ALLOWED.
  • Personal food is allowed in the area outside the gym or in Room 302, but no drinks or food in the gym
  • No personal chairs allowed as there is plenty of bleacher seating


4918-B 20th St E, Fife, WA 98424

  • $5 admission for all attendees age 11-64 yrs old

Facility Rules (posted 1/19/23)


16719 110th Avenue E, Puyallup, WA 98374

Facility Rules

  • $5 gate fee for all attendees age 11-64 yrs old
  • Players and coaches, ONLY, on sport court. Court shoes only. No crossing through the courts
  • Players and spectators are welcome to eat and drink inside the facility, just not on the sport court
  • No gum is permitted
  • Spectator seating is provided, please do not bring chairs
  • No ice chests/coolers inside
  • Tailgating in parking area is NOT ALLOWED
  • Please park in Puyallup Juniors designated parking. If parking on the road, all wheels must be off of the roadway
  • The use of alcohol is strictly forbidden


12420 Ainsworth Ave S, Tacoma, WA 98444

Facility Rules

  • $5 gate fee for all girls PSR hosted events
  • Personal food, lunch bags, or small coolers ARE allowed
  • NO food tables allowed
  • NO large coolers allowed
  • Electrical outlets are strictly off limits including charging camera's or personal phones


Thank you to all teams that participated in the 25th Annual NW Juniors Presidents Weekend Event. Players, coaches, officials, parents, families - a sincere thank you for making our return a special one. We look forward to seeing you next year when we expect to return to our larger format with more courts in play!

Congratulations to the 2022 Champions:

Division Champions
18 Open DaKine 16 Surf
16 Open PS 15 Navy
16 Club DaKine 15 Ohana
15 Open Seattle Juniors 15
14 Open NPJ Seattle 14 National
14 Club NPJ Seattke 13 National
12 Open Blue Royals 12 Royal


Event Host

Under Armour is the official outfitter of NW Juniors VBC

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