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2021 President's Day Weekend Tournament


This event is sanctioned by the Puget Sound Region of USA Volleyball

The club host and administrators are in compliance with USA Volleyball and Puget Sound Region rules regarding tournament sanctioning policies.

USA Volleyball


2021 Presidents Day Weekend Tournament Cancelled




We are tentatively opening up the 2021 Presidents Weekend Tournament for entries. We are optimistic that we will be able to host this year, but we are not certain how many courts we will be able to secure. We are opening it as a slimmed down version. We will add teams as we secure additional courts. Please be aware that the last information to be posted will be locations. 

As of 12/23/20, we have also reduced the entry fee to $400 per team. Partially because we will not be providing officials this year, and partially as an economic relief to teams that opt to play in our tournament this year. Thank you! To those clubs that support the 25th year of this tournament!

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2021 Presidents Weekend Tournament: Feb. 13-15, 2021

We invite everyone to join us for the 25th Annual Presidents Weekend Tournament.

Your entry fees are not paying for the rental of a big facility, convention center, or sport-court rentals — we are one of the last great multi-site tournaments.  In attending the Northwest Juniors President’s Day Weekend Tournament, you can expect to find quality competition for teams of all ages and skill levels.  This tournament will be held at various schools throughout the Puget Sound area.  The tournament is a three-day wave progressive pool play format. 

We will not be providing up officials in 2021

AM wave is from 8 AM – 2 PM
PM wave is from 3:00 – 9:00 PM.

Tournament Hotels

The hotels page for 2021 will be updated soon. A link will be placed HERE. 

2021 is the fourth year of Stay and Play for our Presidents Weekend tournament. Please use our hotel service, it is how we keep tournament costs down and pay for officials. Out of town teams will not be accepted without a confirmed hotel contract with Traveling Teams. 

We have partnered with TRAVELING TEAMS® to secure discounted room blocks at a variety of tournament approved hotels close to our venues. Presidents Weekend is a Stay and Play tournament this year. If there is a hotel not listed that you want to stay in, there is an option available on the website. Thank you in advance for your cooperation! Out of town teams, please note that your teams will not be accepted until we have a confirmed reservation from Traveling Teams.

2021 Presidents Day Tournament Details

This tournament provides an excellent opportunity for out of state teams to spend the three-day weekend in the great city of Seattle, playing volleyball against some of the best teams in the Northwest.  It is also a great opportunity for U17 and U18 teams not able or unwilling to participate in tournaments outside the State of Washington.   This event has been a huge success in years past and will offer great competition for all most groups at a reasonable price. In 2021 it will be a much smaller event than in years past. The tournament format will be pool play on Saturday and Sunday with playoffs on Monday — ALL TEAMS HAVE PLAYOFFS ON MONDAY.  Play should continue no later than 5:00 p.m. on Monday, President’s Day, so plan accordingly

  • (12/23) We have decided not to provide officials. Teams must supply a full officiating crew to include R1, R2, lines people, and score keeping crew during their officiating assignment. We have also reduced the entry fee for 2021 to $400. Partially to cover the loss of officials, and partially as economic relief for teams that would like to play in our event. 
  • All pool play matches will be 2/3 to 25 points with a 27 point cap.  Game 3 is to 15, no cap.
  • Playoffs will be 2/3 to 25, Game 3 to 15 — with no caps in any games.
  • Event tees are provided by Fine Designs and will be available at most sites

At the coaches meeting: Rosters that coaches or club directors submitted into AES will be printed out ahead of time for you to verify and sign.  We will also collect your signed “Webpoint” USAV Rosters.  We will ask that you submit a phone number on the BOTH rosters so that our Tournament Director can contact you throughout the tournament if needed. THESE ROSTERS MUST MATCH AND CHANGES CAN ONLY BE MADE TO THE AES ROSTER.

All coaches are required to carry their signed players’ Medical Release Forms with them at all times during the tournament. You do not need to submit these forms at the Coaches Meeting.

Wave Assignments

2021 WAVES ARE TBA. Waves and team numbers will be updated as we secure courts.


14 Open

(24 Teams)

12 Open

(TBA Teams)

PM WAVE 16 Open
(24 Teams)
18 Open
(TBA Teams)
# COURTS 6 Courts TBA Courts

Edmonds College

Bellevue College

TBA Locations


Registration & Entry Fees

Registration is done through AES. You can visit to register your team. 

Entry Fees will be processed through Advanced Event Systems (AES) where you can pay online or send a check to “Northwest Volleyball Foundation" Instructions are on the AES entry form. ). Registration deadline will be when all divisions are filled (typically mid-January). There are no refunds after January 8, 2021. There is a $50 processing fee for refunds after 1/4/21.


  • All teams: $500  $400.00, early bird registration
  • After 1/8/21 - $50 late fee added
  • No Refunds after 1/11/21
  • $50 processing fee for refunds after 1/4/21
  • Entry fee is refundable if tournament is cancelled



We know it's tough to find all the information spread out over the page, so here is the information on rosters:

  1. We will provide the AES rosters to our tournament directors, so there is no need for you to print them out.
  2. You must bring your Webpoint roster with you to the coaches meeting. Only cross off the players that are not playing AT ALL this weekend. 
  3. Canadian teams, bring the roster you created with the help of our region office.
  4. You will sign and turn in BOTH rosters at the coaches meeting Saturday. 
  5. The AES roster is for our Tournament Directors Reference, The Webpoint rosters get posted and ultimately get turned into the region office for verification after the event. 
  6. Because it is a multi-day tournament, you only turn in the roster on Saturday.

Seeding & Division Assignments

There is a chance we will not have region rankings to seed our tournament. As a result, we will do our best using past history to seed the tournament. We will also do our best to avoid region and club conflicts. 

Seeding in an inexact science, and we do our best to ensure teams are placed in the appropriate division and have a great experience. 


Coaches, note that we do not have the ability to add waivered players to AES rosters. That can only be done at the AES/USA Volleyball level.  If you have waivered players, we are aware that they will not appear on your AES roster.  As long as they are on your Webpoint roster -- WHICH YOU DO TURN IN AT THE COACHES MEETING -- then they will be legal to play this weekend.


As stated in our tournament information, we no longer have a Friday night coaches meeting.  You will have a coaches meeting on the first day of play at your play site.  The meeting will occur 30 minutes before play begins. PM Wave teams please be patient, since this is the busiest time of the day for Tournament directors their first priority will be to get the AM wave pools finished and AM wave teams out.

At the coaches meeting, your TD will go over facility rules and format changes that have occurred since the schedule was published in AES. They will have your AES roster for you to sign and verify. YOU WILL ALSO TURN IN YOUR USAV ROSTER, which is your official tournament roster. Please make sure both rosters have your head coach's cell number in case we need to get a hold of them.  Both rosters will be turned into the Puget Sound Region office after the event.

For day 2 and day 3, you do not need to turn in a new roster. There will be a meeting before play begins only to go over the playing rules of the site.

Contact Information

Contact Information:

For questions about the 2021 President’s Day Weekend Tournament, please contact our Tournament Director, Tony Miranda via email at  or by phone at 425-497-1051 ext. 102