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18 Under Armour Blue

Regular Season 2019

Coaching Staff

Kealey Stanich

Head Coach

Jose Manuel Fernandez

Assistant Coach

18 Under Armour Blue Roster

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18 Under Armour Blue -- 2019 Tournament Schedule

January 5 Power League Seeding TBA
January 19-21 Oregon MLK Eugene
January 27 Power League #1 TBA
February 10 Power League #2 TBA
February 16-18 NWJRS Presidents Weekend TNY South Seattle/Kent
March 2 Power League #3 TBA
March 9-10 AAU Spring Classic Centralia
March 22-24 PNQ Qualifier Spokane
April 14 Power League #4 TBA
May 4-5 PSR Regionals TBA
May 25-27 Optional West Coast AAU Las Vegas
TBA June Optional Post-Season TBA

Recent 18 Under Armour Blue News

NW Juniors hosts end of season BBQ and Awards

05/29/2019, 12:45pm PDT
By Tony Miranda

Team Awards announced

NW Juniors hosted all club members for our annual end of Season BBQ and Awards ceremony at the club's Bottega Beach Facility. 

Morning round was for our U12-14's teams to play some beach volleyball and have one final get together before the end of the season tournament. Volleyball was followed by a club-hosted BBQ and awards.

The anfternoon round was for the U15-18's teams and they played doubles, ate and had their awards ceremony.

Team awards and pictures are below. 

Congratulations to all team award winners.

Power League Seeding Day

01/02/2019, 1:45am PST
By Tony Miranda

Information Posted for U18's and U16's

The Puget Sound Region has Posted information regarding Seeding Day for our U18's and U16's this weekend. Pools and schedules are posted in AES, so families will be able to keep track or results throughout the day.

U18's Overview - Saturday, January 5th

16's Overview - Sunday, January 6th

Resource: Puget Sound Region Facilities Information