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15 Under Armour Grey

Regular Season 2019

Coaching Staff

Jason Sanchez

Head Coach

Casey Brown

Assistant Coach

YouTube Channel

YouTube channel with videos on all aspects of the game including drills, mindset, parent education, etc.

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15 Under Armour Grey -- 2019 Tournament Schedule

January 12 Power League Seeding TBA
January 19-21 NWJrs MLK Tournament TBA
January 27 Power League #1 TBA
February 10 Power League #2 TBA
February 16-18 NWJRS Presidents Weekend TNY South Seattle/Kent
March 2 Power League #3 TBA
March 22-24 PNQ Qualifier Spokane
April 14 Power League #4 TBA
May 4-5 PSR Regionals TBA
May 25-27 West Coast AAU Las Vegas
TBA June Optional Post-Season TBA

“Success is Not an Accident; Success is a Choice” with Alan Stein Jr.

It’s not what the greatest performers do in the moment of competition that makes them the greatest. It is what they did in the “unseen” moments long before they take to the arena that matter. Success never happens in the moment. It is honed, crafted, practiced painstakingly in days, months, years prior. Choose to be successful now. Don’t wait for a lucky moment…Hear more insight from Alan in our latest episode.

Middle Hitter Serve Receive Footwork - Gold Medal Squared

Hitting footwork for middle hitters from serve receive.

Attacking footwork and armwork, serve rec and blocking transition

Hitting footwork for outside hitters but good for all players to know. 04:30 - Key #1, Steps 06:30 - Key #2, Arms 08:10 - Key #3, Bow & Arrow 09:00 - Hitting from Serve Receive 11:55 - Hitting from Block Tansition

Mindfulness, Peak Performance, and “Playing in the Space Between” with Dr. Amy Saltzman

What would it look like if all your athletes were able to acknowledge, resolve, and let go of emotions and feelings during games? If they could choose the right behaviors, even in moments of high pressure because they were able to understand and forgive their own feelings and thoughts and not get stuck in negative patterns? Dr. Amy Saltzman shares with us the concept of mindfulness so we can help our athletes achieve peak performance and not let thoughts, feelings, and that little voice slow them down.

US National Team Setting - w/ Slo Mo

Great examples of footwork and handwork from a US Women's Team training session.

Podcast - Serving Mindset with Andrea Becker, Part 1

Andrea Becker, assistant professor of kinesiology and coach for UCLA and Team USA, joins us to talk about her philosophies on serving and how she works on the mental side of the game with her athletes.

Podcast - Serving Mindset with Andrea Becker, Part 2

Part 2 of Serving Mindset w/ Andrea Becker

Recent 15 Under Armour Grey News

Five teams bring home hardware from Las Vegas

05/29/2019, 1:15pm PDT
By Tony Miranda

Great travel weekend leads to club success

Nine NW Juniors teams traveled to Las Vegas over Memorial Day Weekend for the AAU West Coast Championships and five came back with some hardware! 

The club attended the West Coast Championships for the first time and it was great to see most of our teams have success and over half of them come home with trophies. It was also great to see parents and players have the chance to finish their season on the road and come away with a great mix of great play and team activities. Many teams took advantage of the free time during their "off wave" to explore Las Vegas and take on some great team activities. 

NW Juniors hosts end of season BBQ and Awards

05/29/2019, 12:45pm PDT
By Tony Miranda

Team Awards announced

NW Juniors hosted all club members for our annual end of Season BBQ and Awards ceremony at the club's Bottega Beach Facility. 

Morning round was for our U12-14's teams to play some beach volleyball and have one final get together before the end of the season tournament. Volleyball was followed by a club-hosted BBQ and awards.

The anfternoon round was for the U15-18's teams and they played doubles, ate and had their awards ceremony.

Team awards and pictures are below. 

Congratulations to all team award winners.