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To take part of the administrative load off of the coach, team parent representatives called Team Focals, will be selected by the coach of each team. They will be responsible for coordinating all events for their teams. The parent focal is the primary communication link between the players, the coach, and club administration.  Some teams will also select a Fundraising Focal to help organize team fundraisers.  Finally, when traveling, U14 and older teams will travel with adult female Team Chaperones. These positions are defined below.


  • One focal per team
  • Responsibilities include: Communicate travel arrangements & other club information to team and parents (dates, times, maps, etc.).
  • Best method to communicate is through a team e-mail or newsletter
  • Attend Club Coaches/Focals meetings when scheduled
  • Assist the club’s travel coordinator in distributing travel information.  As a Team Focal you will need to ensure your team receives all travel information in a timely manner and responds to the deadlines given by the Club. 
  • Ensure all online registration has been completed by all chaperones for your team
  • Other misc. coordination:
  • Carpools for practices & Tournaments
  • Coordinate room assignments for travel with coaches
  • Organize food/snacks for teams at tournaments


  • One fundraising focal per team
  • Runs team fundraisers as scheduled
  • Seeks approval from Club Director for additional fundraising events
  • Submits funds raised to Club Accounting department for credit to individual accounts.  Monies submitted will include a summary of what will be placed into each player’s account
  • Attend Club Coaches/Focals meetings as scheduled
  • Arrange and communicate fundraising opportunities/events to team and parents with Team Focal


During the current season, we ask that parents attend as many tournaments as possible.  If you as a parent or guardian cannot attend, please contact a fellow parent to chaperone your daughter(s). For out of region or overnight traveling tournaments for U14 and older teams, we will have one designated adult female chaperone per team.  The chaperone can either be another coach or a selected parent of a player on that specific team.

The chaperone must be willing to room with another chaperone if attending a tournament with other NWJRS Elite teams. They must also be willing to room with their daughter and other players if necessary.  Most importantly, the Chaperone needs to be available and accessible to all of the players at all times.


  • One chaperone per team per travel event for 14 and older teams or for U12/U13 flying trips.
  • Chaperones must be female adults (preferably a parent) and willing to adhere to rooming situations that are in the best interest of the club and team.
  • Chaperones must be able to travel with the majority of the team to and from the event.
  • On flying trips, the chaperone will be asked to drive a rented team vehicle
  • The club reserves the right to use other coaches/assistants as chaperones instead of a parent.
  • Chaperones must work closely with the Team Focal and coaching staff.


  • Make sure players are adhering to club travel rules and coordinate with the coach and make sure players and other traveling parents know when to meet for team functions. Here are the Air Travel Rules if your team is flying to a tournament.
  • Ensure the general welfare of players whose parents are not with team. 
  • Misc. coordination of snacks/food, room assignments, etc.
  • [For post-season play] Register with USA Volleyball (chaperone membership) and submit to Background Screening as part of your membership. The club pays for your membership, so do not pay when you register.  Please forward your registration confirmation to the club administrator so they can handle reimbursement.