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Commonly asked Questions

First Tournament - What should I expect?

Read through this guide Tournament Know-How: Secrets of Having a Successful Season  Website link  or PDF Download and copy for your team.  

Have your official roster.  Without your official USAV roster your team will not be able to play.  So, your head coach should make several copies for the assistant coach, the ball bag, the team focal, etc. It is extremely important to have. Again, without the official roster, your team will not be allowed to play.

How do I print our team roster? Click here for instructions


Travel to tournaments - What should I expect?

This is a great tool for coaches and chaperones to review with players and parents before travel tournaments. Read through this website page and/or download and print this for your team Travel Rules PDF. 

Trouble Registering with USAV

Q: What do I do if I am having trouble registering for USAV?

A: Contact the Puget Sound Region office by calling 425-673-4103 or emailing