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Season Highlights

Great Finish for Several Teams at Regional Championships 2018

15 UA Black Jade Championship highlights weekend

Several NW Juniors teams found success at the Regional Championship tournament and results are still coming in. We want to congratulate the 115 UA Black team for winning the 15 Jade Division and going 7-1 on the weekend avenging a day 1 loss to Reach 15 Green. 

These are their results for the weekend. We will post others below as they come in.

NW Jrs. 15 UA Black - Finished 1st

  Pool/Bracket Opponent Result Score
1 R1PC Puyallup Jrs U15 National (PS) (11) NW Jrs. 15 UA Black (PS) Won 25-7, 25-13
2 R1PC Oly Reign 15 Blue (PS) (14) NW Jrs. 15 UA Black (PS) Won 25-19, 25-13
3 R1PC REACH 15 GREEN (PS) (6) REACH 15 GREEN (PS) Won 25-19, 25-17
4 R2GPA DaKine Warriors 15 Surf (PS) (1) NW Jrs. 15 UA Black (PS) Won 25-15, 18-25, 15-12
5 R2GPA Lake Tapps 15 BERRY (PS) (4) NW Jrs. 15 UA Black (PS) Won 25-16, 25-9
6 R2GPA NW Jrs. 15 UA Blue (PS) (7) NW Jrs. 15 UA Black (PS) Won 23-25, 25-14, 15-13
7 R3GCH Bothell VBC U15 (PS) (3) NW Jrs. 15 UA Black (PS) Won 25-23, 21-25, 15-8
8 R3GCH REACH 15 GREEN (PS) (2) NW Jrs. 15 UA Black (PS) Won 25-20, 25-15

17 UA Black

17 UA Black went 6-1 overall and took 3rd place in the 17 Emerald Division. 

  Pool/Bracket Opponent Result Score
1 R1PC Rain City Storm 17-1 (PS) (15) NW Jrs. 17 UA Black (PS) Won 25-7, 25-14
2 R1PC Washington Elite U17 (PS) (10) NW Jrs. 17 UA Black (PS) Won 25-10, 25-11
3 R2PC Puyallup Jrs U17 National (PS) (14) NW Jrs. 17 UA Black (PS) Won 25-19, 25-9
4 R2PC Lynden U17 (PS) (12) NW Jrs. 17 UA Black (PS) Won 25-22, 25-15
5 R3GPC Blue Royals 17-A (PS) (11) NW Jrs. 17 UA Black (PS) Won 26-24, 25-19
6 R3GPC All Out U17 (PS) (6) NW Jrs. 17 UA Black (PS) Won 25-20, 25-21
7 R4GCH SEATTLE JRS 17 (PS) (2) SEATTLE JRS 17 (PS) Won 25-14, 25-16


15 UA Blue

15 UA Blue went 5-3 overall for the weekend and won the Gold Consolation Bracket (5th overall) in the 15 Jade Division.

  Pool/Bracket Opponent Result Score
1 R1PB Kraken VC - 15 Reef (PS) (15) NW Jrs. 15 UA Blue (PS) Won 25-14, 25-17
2 R1PB PCVBA U15-National (PS) (10) NW Jrs. 15 UA Blue (PS) Won 19-25, 25-15, 15-11
3 R1PB Bothell VBC U15 (PS) (2) Bothell VBC U15 (PS) Won 25-18, 25-16
4 R2GPA Lake Tapps 15 BERRY (PS) (4) Lake Tapps 15 BERRY (PS) Won 25-16, 25-16
5 R2GPA DaKine Warriors 15 Surf (PS) (1) DaKine Warriors 15 Surf (PS) Won 28-26, 25-23
6 R2GPA NW Jrs. 15 UA Black (PS) (6) NW Jrs. 15 UA Black (PS) Won 23-25, 25-14, 15-13
7 R3GCO REACH 15 Blue (PS) (5) NW Jrs. 15 UA Blue (PS) Won 25-23, 25-17
8 R3GCO WVBA 15 Black (PS) (8) NW Jrs. 15 UA Blue (PS) Won 25-17, 25-21


16 Baden Black

Back to Back Silver championships mark the last two tournaments for 16 Baden Black. They won the Silver Division of the 16 Turquoise at Regionals (going 5-2) and also won the 16 Silver Division at the Tulip Festival. 

Nice job!

Regionals Results:

  Pool/Bracket Opponent Result Score
1 R1PA Uprising 16-Black (PS) (13) Uprising 16-Black (PS) Won 25-9, 25-7, 25-12
2 R1PA REACH 16 GREEN IVY (PS) (1) REACH 16 GREEN IVY (PS) Won 25-11, 25-21, 25-21
3 R2SPA OPVBC 16 Legacy (PS) (21) NW Jrs. 16 Baden Black (PS) Won 25-18, 26-24
4 R2SPA Kitsap 16 Prestige (PS) (23) NW Jrs. 16 Baden Black (PS) Won 25-8, 25-16
5 R2SPA Kitsap 16 Dynasty (PS) (18) NW Jrs. 16 Baden Black (PS) Won 25-19, 25-20
6 R3SCH NW Jrs. 16 Baden Blue (PS) (15) NW Jrs. 16 Baden Black (PS) Won 25-16, 25-15
7 R3SCH OPVBC 16 Legacy (PS) (18) NW Jrs. 16 Baden Black (PS) Won 25-13, 25-22

2016 Club Season Highlights

Congratulations to Team Award Winners for the 2016 Season

The club hosted our end of season awards ceremony at the end of the season and we are proud to announce the award recipients from each team. Congratulations to you all!

Team MVP Most Improved Most Inspirational 
17 UA Black Mackenzie Massey Sandra Chang Emily Lubick
16 UA Black Payton Ludwig Paige Barnett Devin Kennedy
16 UA Blue Shelby Bowman Olivia Leader Jessica Hanners
15 UA Black Riley Monan Emma Feeney Ava Doney
15 UA Blue Kammi Smith Wendi Bainvalu Ruby Philp
15 UA White Jordyn Stocks Jordan Vanlandingham Ashley McCarron
16 Baden Black Sydney Goodall Sorin Green Kate Andrews
15 Baden Black Locksley Kolakowski Michelle Morris Jenna Schmidt
15 Baden Blue Denise Cook Samantha DeMarco Lily Moughon
15 Baden Grey Sophia Larrondo Mackenzie Buck Chiara Vert
14 UA Black Sydney Pattison Victoria Anderer Olivia Kinney
14 UA Blue Ezzy Alvarez Sidney Holmes Julia Deegan
14 UA Grey Sydney Thompson Lauren Parker Angelina Jaramillo
13 UA Blue Mia Meighan Sadie Bacon Maleina Carelli
12 UA Blue Allie Marinkovich Macy Furtwangler Sandy Seetheraman
14 Baden Black Genevieve Wilkinson Remington Atwood Emily Shipley
14 Baden Blue Kathryn Neslerode Anna Winnick Anna Butler
13 Baden Blue Macy Black Natalie Nowak Kaitlyn Westby
13 Baden Grey Lauren Carels Emelie Frausing Grace Rausch
12 Baden Blue Bianca Quilliam Ryma Patil Riley Westby

2015 Club Season Highlights

Several NW Juniors athletes -- from U12-U16's -- participated in the NW Beach Chapionships at Alki Beach. August 16, 2015

Congratulations to NWJRS Subway Games Medalists

U16 Division: Bronze Medalists - Elise Gooding & Ally Peterson

U12 Division: Bronze Medalists - Mia Meighan & Lauryn Iracheta

VOLLEYBALL FESTIVAL: U14-16 National teams in Phoenix

June 24-29, Phoenix, AZ -- Volleyball Festival Nat'l Championships

NW Juniors Elite sent 6 teams to Phoenix for the Volleyball Festival Championships.  It was a great first experience for a lot of our National teams Members and proved rewarding for those that have attended as well. Logistically, sending 6 teams to Phoenix is a challenge, but with the cooperative spirit of the players, coaches and parents as well as the great hotel accommodations -- all teams had a fantastic experience.  Most teams finished the 4-day tournament with a winning record; two teams won their divisions and took home some hardware; and the 16 UA Black team capped a fantastic season with a 7th place finish in the 16's division.

Annually, our U14 and older National teams participate in a post-season tournament. Ideally, we would like out teams to qualify for USAV Nationals, and we had teams come close this season, but Phoenix has proven to be a great "consolation" prize for our National Teams.  Not only do we get great weather and great camaraderie to end our season, but we get great competition from a field filled primarily with teams from Arizona, Southern California, and other parts of the country. We are proud of our teams and excited for another great season next year.

Annual Club BBQ and Awards Party

The club held our annual BBQ and Awards party on Saturday, May 16th at Alki Beach. Many of our athletes got a good introduction to beach volleyball. 14 nets were set up at Alki Beach, and our teams played in 4 Different Divisions. The following teams won their divisions:

  • Alex Crittenden & Ally Peterson -- 16 UA Black
  • Claire Kennedy & Evan Dragich -- 15 Baden Blue
  • Ezzy Alvarez & Brienne Berger -- 13 UA Blue
  • 12 UA Black won the 12/13 Fours Division

Congratulations to this year's Club Award Winners!

Team MVP Most Improved Most Inspirational 
16 UA Black Alex Crittenden Elise Gooding Lily Prekaski
16 UA White Amaia Floreal Andria Nelson Kira Bryson
15 UA Black Payton Ludwig Allison Kojima Emily Jameson
15 UA Blue Shelby Bowman Natalie Lewis Jessica Hanners
14 UA Black Savannah Glenn Riley Monan Becca Nowak
14 UA Blue Kami Smith Emily Mikiska Inbar Mizrahi
13 UA Blue Ezzy Alvarez Naomi Chen-Mallouk Julia Deegan
12 UA Blue Lauryn Iracheta Arianne Barlowe Kate Selbig
12 UA Black Erin Boede Sierra Simpson Emmi Foltz
15 Baden Black Savannah Dodd Lauren Hsuan Jenna Austad
15 Baden Blue Evan Dragich Abby Moss Haley Sullivan
14 Baden Black Ashley Stevenson Abby Larson Danielle Morris
14 Baden Blue Kathryn Clemens Alejandra Riana-Lopez McKenzie King
14 Baden Grey Sophie Ceteznik Znique Combs Sydney Porter
13 Baden Blue Joanna Yoo Sidney Cottrell Kathryn Nestlerode
12 Baden Blue Kate Burke Zoe Smith Xayna Jay Peter