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2024 Hub City Challenge

2024 Champions

Congrats to the champions of our inaugural HUB City Challenge!

18 Gold

18 Gold Champs: NW Jrs 18 UA Blue

18 Silver

18 Silver Champs: Cherry City Jrs 18 Elite

16 Gold

16 Gold Champs: Rock 16-1

16 Silver

16 Silver Champs: NW 16 UA Navy

14 Gold

14 Gold Champs: Selah 14 Silver

14 Silver

14 Silver Champs: Yakima Elite 14 Regional


NEW EVENT IN 2024! Hosted by NW Juniors Volleyball Club

Tournament Information:

Our Hub City Challenge is an open entry event for any Girl's or Boy's team that wants to play in a mid-season inter-regional tournament. Mid-March to the end of April is Qualifier season, and most big tournaments between the end of March and the end of April are for teams trying to qualify for Nationals. The tournament will be played at the 20-court NW Sports Hub in Centralia.

We know not all clubs travel to Qualifiers, and many clubs have teams that do not attend; so, we created the Hub City Challenge. The H-C-C gives teams a chance to play in an inter-regional tournament in the middle of the season. While this tournament is for team of all levels, we hope to attract a lot of teams in the Northwest that will find this a great alternative and great competition. In future years, as we expand, we can expand with AM/MM Waves and the addition of boy's divisions.  An ANNUAL event featuring both Girls and Boy's teams in the same venue - will make this is a unique event.

Centralia is a convenient drive from Seattle or Portland and by now, many teams in the Northwest have played at the NW Sport Hub and appreciate the venue.

Teams will be accepted first come (paid), first served, until the tournament fills. This is a two-day format event with pool play on Saturday and playoffs with a two-match minimum on Sunday. Teams are guaranteed 5 matches. 



APRIL 6-7, 2024



For all Divisions:

  • Two-day Tournament 
  • 20 courts in ONE location: NW Sports Hub in Centralia, WA.
  • All teams will play one round of pool on Saturday 
  • All teams will play at least two matches on Sunday (Modified Double Elimination). 
  • Play begins at 9:30 AM both days.
  • Assuming all 4-team pools, teams will get a minimum of 5 matches. 3 matches Saturday, and at least 2 matches Sunday.
  • There is an admission fee of $5 per day (CASH ONLY) for all adults.  Children 12 and under and seniors 65 and over will be admitted free. 


We encourage teams to enter early to guarantee Entry. This is a first-year event and we expect to fill early. As of 3/15/24 we have revised the times and reduced the field to match current entries. All teams will play in the same wave, beginning at 9:30 AM.

This will be a one wave tournament and we will use all courts in the main facility (up to 13 courts).


  • U12-14 Division: Up to 20 teams
  • U15-16 Division: Up to 20 teams
  • U17-18 Division: Up to 12 teams


Sunday is Modified Double Elimination Playoffs. All teams will play at least 2 matches.

GAME DAY Information: Entry times, coaches meeting, etc.


We traditionally use a later start each day to accommodate teams or players that prefer to commute each day. 

  • There will only be one entrance to the facility for spectators. We will use the Hub City Grub restaurant entrance.
  • The ANNEX Black Court entrance will be open for players and coaches from 8:30 to 9:00 AM ONLY. After 9:00 AM they must use the Hub City Grub sepectator entrance. (The ANNEX is where the Black courts are located in the map below).
  • Doors open to spectators at 8:45 AM. Entry will be $5.00 per day. Cash Only, please. We will use different hand stamps each day.
  • Children 10 & under and Seniors 65 & Older will be admitted free.
  • There is a mandatory coaches meeting Saturday at 9:00 AM. All Coachs must attend and verify their rosters. Per Puget Sound Region USAV Policy, all coaches must show Picture ID at the coaches meeting.
  • Play will begin at 9:30 AM both days of the competition.
  • Entry schedule will be the same on Sunday.
  • Last Scheduled Match Saturday is 2:30 PM 
  • Playoffs begin Sunday at 9:30; the last scheduled match Sunday is 1:30 PM. ALL TEAMS will play at least 2 matches Sunday.





$400.00 early entry for teams registered and paid by 12/29/23 at 9:00 PM PST. After 12/29/23, entry fee is $450.00 per team.

Boy's Division entry fee is $200 per team

When paying by credit card, a credit card processing fee applies. If paying by check, registration & acceptance date will be when the check is received, not when a team is registered online. 

Entry fee is refundable if the tournament is cancelled. Payment is required for acceptance, and teams will be accepted first PAID, first in. Registration date does not determine order, nor guarantee acceptance. There is a $50 administration fee for teams that drop after payment. No refunds after the entry deadline unless the tournament is cancelled. 

Our event in NOT a stay and play event, but we do recommend going through the Twin Cities Sports Commission and using one of the hotels listed on the site for the NW Sports Hub 

Instructions for Canadian Teams

We typically get quite a few Canadian teams in our tournaments.  We ask that Canadian teams connect with our Region Office so that they can gather your documents. The region will collect your documents and contact us and inform us if your team is able to participate. Please do not procrastinate. The region WILL NOT allow your team to play without proper documentation. 

Puget Sound Region Office: 425-673-4103,

Below are links to forms that will need to be submitted to our region office so they can clear you to participate.




Hub City Challenge Tournament Hotels

This is not a Stay and Play tournament, however, we are working directly with the Twin Cities Sports Commission to put together hotel packages for visiting teams. They have created a direct event BOOKING LINK so you can access available rooms for this weekend.

They have connected with hotels throughout the Centralia and Chehalis area and secured available rooms.





We know it's tough to find all the information spread out over the page, so here is the information on rosters:

  1. We will provide the AES rosters to our tournament directors, so there is no need for you to print them out.
  2. PLEASE REMEMBER: You must bring your USAV roster with you to the coaches meeting. Only cross off the players that are not playing AT ALL this weekend. As per PSR Region policies, we will check ID's of adults on the roster. Please be sure to bring your ID to the Coaches meeting.
  3. You will sign and turn in BOTH rosters at the coaches meeting Saturday.
  4. The AES roster is for our Tournament Directors Reference, The USAV  Rosters get turned into the region office for verification after the event. 
  5. Because it is a multi-day tournament, you only turn in the roster on Saturday.


Coaches, note that we do not have the ability to add waivered players to AES rosters. That can only be done at the AES/USA Volleyball level.  If you have waivered players, we are aware that they will not appear on your AES roster.  As long as they are on your USAV roster -- WHICH YOU TURN IN AT THE COACHES MEETING -- then they will be legal to play this weekend.

Results & Tournament Information

The entire tournament will be available in AES. We will post Tuesday prior to the tournament once all the roster have been submitted.

We will not be handing out tournament handbooks. Hard copies of gym rules and the tournament handbook will be made available below in PDF format for those that want to print one out.

Please print out your tournament handbook before you arrive.

Typical Pool Schedule

4-Team Pool

1 1 VS 3 2
2 2 VS 4 1
3 1 VS 4 3
4 2 VS 3 1
5 3 VS 4 2
6 1 VS 2 4





3-Team Pool 

1 1 VS 3 2
2 2 VS 3 1
3 1 VS 2 3





Sports Hub Rules

Sports Hub Guidelines

Outside food is not allowed in the Sports Hub, so be aware we will be checking bags at the admission gate -- the gate is located at the Hub City Grub entrance.  This will delay spectator entry so plan accordingly.

The main entrance will be open 1 hour before play begins each day for players and coaches. Spectators will be admitted starting 30 minutes before the start of play. 

Wood Courts (courts Red 1 - Red 5) will have bleacher seating, and we do not recommend outside chairs for these courts. Blue, Red, and Green Courts (see court map below) will have limited courtside seating, but there is an upstairs spectator area. We recommend bringing your own chair for these courts. 

 Remember: Food and drink are not allowed into the facility. HUB CITY GRUB and TAPROOM will be open throughout the weekend. There will be designated areas inside the facility for teams to put their equipment, etc. (not food or coolers); there is room outside the facility for team food tables and tents.

COURT LAYOUT-Full Gym & Annex

PLEASE NOTE: For the 2024 Hub City Challenge, we will be using the main wood courts (Red 1-5) and the Annex Courts (Black 1, 3, 4 & Yellow 1, 2, 4). Black 2 and Yellow 4 will not be used in order to offer a better playing experience. Those two courts will be team and spectator areas. For team areas, you can keep team gear there, but please do not set up chairs/tables as a "camping" area.

There is another volleyball event on the Sport Court side (Orange, Blue, Green Courts). The event is a Collegiate Club tournament hosted by the Pacific Intercollegiate Volleyball Association (PIVA) and will feature 40-48 Men's and Women's Collegiate Club teams from throughout the Northwest. 

Contact Information

For questions about the Hub City Challenge, please contact our Tournament Director, Tony Miranda via email at or by phone at 425-497-1051 ext. 102