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Practice Schedules

As of 12/24/20, team practice schedules are posted the calendar pageWe have revised the calendar for a January 12th Start. Eastside teams, please note that we were able to secure Bellevue College for all Eastside practices in January. We will revert to the schedule which includes Edmonds College starting in February. 

On the Calendar page, select your TEAM TAG on the bottom of calendar to see all your team's activities. The dates should also show up on your team page or on your Sport Engine Ap.

Since we do rent schools where school-related programs take precedence, there is occasion where a practice may be cancelled or moved. Those changes will be made on the calendar page as well when possible. If it is a sudden change, we will alert the coaches directly.

January 11, 2021 Update

On the evening of January 11th, the Governor's office issued new guidelines for youth sports. (See below for a copy of the document).

In essence, they updated the  Healthy Washington - Roadmap to Recovery plan which was initially distributed on January 5th. Under the new plan, moderate level sports, including volleyball, are able to train in Phase 1 with certain restrictions. Among the restrictions we will need to follow:

  • Teams are able to practice in pods of 6 or less
  • It is preferable that the pods stay the same throughout the process.
  • The number of pods per gym are determined by the square footage of the facility with 1 person per 500 Square feet. Coaches are not included in the count.
    • Beautiful Savior Gym: 14 athletes
    • Bellevue College: 36 athletes
    • Edmonds College: 28 athletes
  • These numbers will affect our practice scheduling and structure.

In Phase 2, there are no restrictions based on gym size, so teams will be able to practice together on one court.

12/8/20 Update:

Due to the recent announcement extending the Governor's order to January 4th, our scheduled December practices will be cancelled. 

We will plan on beginning practices the week of January 4th and we will work on a competition schedule beginning the last weekend of January. 

We will stick to the original plan described below to replace the 8 practices missed in December. Please take this time to ensure that your USAV Regional Junior Membership is secured so that we can add your daughter to a team roster.

Updated Information for NW Juniors Members

11/20/2020, 12:30pm PST
By NW Juniors Staff

Welcome to the 2020-21 Season! 

See below for updates as the season progresses.