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Club Uniform & Spiritwear


If you have uniform issues, please connect with Cloud 9 Sports:

**No player numbers on Practice Tees or Backpacks.

An e-mail was sent from your coach the end of January with the following information: 

On-line uniform store closes Thursday, February 4th at midnight.


  • Grey Sweat Jacket
  • Black Sweat Pants
  • Black Spandex
  • Grey Backpack
  • Black Shoes
  • Practice Tees:  The first time the store opened, purchasing practice tees was required. A few people missed the deadline, some just recently added to the club, and some might want more colors. Therefore, these are available once again in the store website. These are Under Armour practice tees. Not generic. For those that did not order the first time, they are required this time. A few of you might have ordered generic tees from Fine Designs – now that this store is reopened, you can get the practice tees that match the rest of your team. Be sure to check with your coach if your team selected particular colors.

Fine Designs Spirit Wear

We love to see teams represented on the sideline as well as on the court.  Go team!

The Fine Designs store is open year-round and offers generic and unique NWJRS Club logo items. Shipping is extra.


If you missed the Cloud 9 uniform practice tee deadline...

You are encouraged to use the Fine Designs store link above to order generic practice tees. See below for instructions.

When  you get to the page, you will see a selection of shirts. You can order the basic tee, it comes in 4 colors.  Follow the instructions below to place your order with the correct practice logo.

You will see the standard logo. You will need to change to logo to the practice tee logo. 

  • Click the logo on the left, you will see the frame and an X in the top right corner. Click the X and delete the stock logo.
  • Scroll down to the logo options and choose the practice tee logo.
  • You can also select any of the 4 shirt colors. The logo is light, so it does not look good on the light blue tee-shirt.

These are your best three options.

Check out when finished. They will deliver to your house with a fairly quick turn around.