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NWJRS Tournament & Travel Information


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Coaches and Chaperone Flights - 2022

NEW POLICY as of 2021, the club no longer coordinates group airfare at the club level.  The Club will reserve flights for the Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Chaperone, and Chaperone’s daughter. Their flight information will be posted to the travel page by no later than mid-January.  Parents can book their players on the same flight, or on a flight that will arrive and depart at similar* times in order to coordinate with van schedule* to and from the hotel.  Updates will be e-mailed to coaches and team Focals to share with parents after tryouts - once all teams are finalized.  

*IMPORTANT: When booking flights, your player should coordinate their flight with the Chaperone, Team Focal, and Coaches.   When flying, players must be accompanied by a parent, or a parent’s adult representative, or a representative of the club like the coach or chaperone.

Flights should arrive at their destination in the afternoon or early evening the day BEFORE the start of the tournament.  Return flights cannot leave until AFTER 6pm. The last match can go as late as 4:00pm.

*If a player's flight does not match or is not similar to the itinerary of the coaches and chaperone, then you will need to get your player to the hotel.


ANY QUESTIONS regarding your team's practice schedule, tournaments, etc. should be directed to your coach.  

Power League: Your coach will let you know which facility your team will play at.  The Facility locations and rules are posted on the Puget Sound Region USAV website:

NW Juniors hosted tournaments If the tournament is hosted at multiple locations, then your coach will let you know which location your team will be at. The locations and rules are posted on the tournament events drop-down page:



Tournament Meal Planning

--Be sure to include your coaches when planning meals.

--Don't forget to check if any player has food allergies.