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Email To parents - Travel

Email sent to Club Members Regarding Travel for 2020

As a club, we have made the difficult decision to cancel all overnight travel for the remainder of the season. 

We wanted to be prudent with our decision and make sure we had all the information necessary to make a responsible decision for our coaches, athletes and their families. The government, the state, and USA Volleyball keep moving the line in terms of a date that we will be able to return to group activities and practices. At the same time, we cannot be 100% sure that our members will want to have their daughters stay overnight in hotels, so we are removing all travel tournaments from our schedule. We are also no longer entertaining the idea of replacing the lost travel tournaments. For the teams that would have been going to Las Vegas Memorial Weekend, when you add air travel and the fact the tournament is in a large casino ballroom, we cannot maintain a situation on the table where our players and parents might have to make the decision on their own to not attend and/or leave their teams short-handed.

For those of you that have purchased your own airfare for Las Vegas, if you have not already done so – you should contact the airline and request a refund or credit. We have already contacted the teams that were scheduled to go to Dallas over the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, it is our intention to look at all cancelled travel, determine what costs we have incurred, and return a significant portion back to our members in the next week or so. It will take some time to go through travel for 25 teams, but at the very least, you know that you will get travel money back. 

From the local tournament side of things, we are also working on the possibility that we will have an extended season beginning May 5 and continuing into June. We are working on a practice and tournament schedule for that timeframe just in case we are able to return to the court. In the case of the Memorial Weekend tournament that the club is scheduled to host in Centralia, we are exploring multiple options and will come up with a final decision as we get closer to May.
•    One option is to make it a one-day tournament in Centralia. 
•    One option is to keep it a two-day tournament in Centralia, but adjust the format so that individuals could drive back and forth. Should individuals opt to stay overnight, that would be their decision, not the club’s. For those of you that have made your own reservations in Centralia, you may want to wait to cancel until you see the format. 
•    One option is to explore local gym availability and move the tournament back up towards the Bellevue-Everett area. However, that might prove difficult if schools are closed. 

Right now, the entire competition schedule is up in the air. The region still plans to host the Bid tournament and Regionals in May-June. A few club directors are working with us to come up with a modified schedule that will go into June; and beach volleyball season should begin in May as well. We are remaining optimistic that volleyball will return this season and our athletes will have to opportunity to participate. We at least wanted to let you know where things stand with travel. Assuming we are permitted to restart on May 5th, we should have a practice and tournament schedule ready to distribute to our membership closer to the end of April. 

We know this is a difficult time for everyone. We hope that all of you are staying safe, following the rules of social distancing, and making good decisions regarding your health and welfare. 
We will be out of this soon. We are in this together. Stay physically and mentally healthy!