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Tournaments & Team Travel


For NW Juniors Travel Tournaments, use the drop down menu under Tournaments, then Travel Tournaments, and then select the tournament. Each page will have a link to the event page as well. Pages contain pertinent travel information including hotel, deadlines, flight (as needed), times, etc. 


<=== (Click on the tournament link on the left side menu for travel details)  **From the Focal/Chaperone page: click on NW Juniors Tournament Travel

ANY QUESTIONS regarding your team's practice schedule, tournaments, etc. should be directed to your coach.  

Power League: Your coach will let you know which facility your team will play at.  The Facility locations and rules are posted on the Puget Sound Region USAV website:

NWJR hosted tournaments If the tournament is hosted at multiple locations, then your coach will let you know which location your team will be at. The locations and rules are posted on the tournament events drop-down page:

Travel Guidelines:


CHAPERONES: (U14-U18 teams)

USAV tournaments require chaperones to have USAV Adult Affiliated with a Junior Program Membership which includes a background check (can take up to 3 weeks) and Safe Sport Certification. 

  • (Teams may participate in tournaments that are NOT USAV.  So, be sure to verify first if a tournament is USAV before asking your chaperone to get USAV membership.) You can find out if a tournament is USAV by clicking on it's travel page.
  • Focals and Coaches, be sure your chaperone gets this completed at least 3-4 weeks prior to the tournament date.  Preferably sooner so chaperones can be rostered with their team and get FREE entry into the tournaments. 
  • Chaperones for USAV tournaments should forward their Safe Sport Certification and the receipt for reimbursement  of their USAV Membership to

*Chaperones must also sign the USAV Chaperone Form _ Signature page and e-mail to at least 1 month prior to the travel date.

If you need to log back into your USAV Account here is the link:  (works best if you open in Google)