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Summer Camps-BOYS

New 2022 -

Boys Summer Camps with Nicole Salmon, Boys Program Director and Head Coach.

Boys Camps:

These camps spend a great deal of time on individual skill development. In the morning sessions, we will take each of the skills in volleyball (pass, serve, hit, set, defend, block) and teach the athletes the skills using simple key words and demonstrations. For those that already have experience, we aim the drills and feedback towards improvement and mastery. The ultimate goal is for each athlete to dramatically improve their level of play and their appreciation for the sport of volleyball. That requires a lot of contacts, so regardless of the skill level of the player, they can benefit from the camp.

Areas that are heavily emphasized are ball control, movement, attack footwork, and some blocking footwork. depending on their skill level, there will also be time spent on basic concepts of team defense, serve-receive offense, and transition defense/offense. Included also are brief forums on various subjects including club volleyball, goal-setting, and when applicable, college playing opportunities. This is a great camp for those new to volleyball AND those looking to improve in their skills. By grouping campers by their skill level and running skill-appropriate drills, even the advanced players can reap the benefits of our All Skill Camps.

In the afternoon sessions, there will be a more competitive structure in order to translate skills learned to points scored. Men’s volleyball is a very fast-paced and dynamic sport. In order to play at that level, you have to compete at that level. The quickest way to reach that high standard is to train at a competitive, fast-paced tempo with dynamic variables. There is no other way around it. Having said that, the boys will be divided onto courts that are appropriate for their knowledge and skill level so that everyone can play in an environment that they feel comfortable with and one that they can grow and develop under.





AVP Membership is required and is not included with camp registration.









HS3-BE July 6-8 INDOOR: Boys All Skills Bellevue College 9AM-4PM 9-12 $240
MS3-BE July 6-8 INDOOR: Boys All Skills Bellevue College 9AM-4PM 5-8 $240
HS4-BE July 12-27; 3 Weeks: T/W INDOOR: Boys All Skills Overlake Christian Church Gym 6-8:30PM


MS4-BE July 12-27; 3 Weeks: T/W INDOOR: Boys All Skills Overlake Christian Church Gym 6-8:30PM 5-8 $340



  • Comfortable Volleyball clothing.  We recommend: T-shirt, shorts, Sweats, volleyball shoes (No black-soled running shoes, please
  • Knee-pads
  • A Water bottle CLEARLY labeled with your name on it.
  • Sack Lunch and snacks
  • Please label all personal belongings and DO NOT bring valuables or volleyballs to camp.
  • At check-in, each camper will receive a camp t-shirt.
  • Players can wear the t-shirt when they choose.
  • A Positive Learning Attitude!!!
  • There will also be snack and drink breaks throughout the day as needed, so campers are encouraged to bring nutritional snacks to camp.

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