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2023 Boys Tryout Details

Tryout Check-list....REQUIRED

Thank you for considering NW Juniors for your 2023/2024 Club Season!

Be sure to read this page carefully for instructions for Tryouts.

CHECK-IN BEGINS 30 Minutes prior to start time.

What you need to bring the day of:-

  • Your Tryout Number - Scroll to bottom of page for player assigned numbers and instructions for your tryout tag. Be sure the number is visible on the back of your person so the coach can see it.  Players are responsible for bringing their assigned number and attaching it to their person for check-in.  
  • Water bottle 

A few other notes to consider:

  1. As of 10/26, parents will be able to attend the primary tryout. Parents are NOT permitted on the Tryout courts. Our priority throughout the day is running a tryout, not managing spectators. Those that are not able to comply, unfortuantely, will be asked to leave. 
  • Because coaches may ask questions of players during the tryout process, we do recommend that parents stick around to help clarify.
  • We will have a short parent meeting during the tryout. There will be a program sheet available with dues, costs, inclusions, etc. for parents to review during the tryout. You will then have the opportunity to ask any questions that may arise during this parent meeting.
  • Players will know their status and if they are offered a position with the club the day of tryouts.

****NW Juniors has a "no contact" check-in policy, we do NOT accept any paperwork on site. 

Beside each player's name is their ASSIGNED Tryout Number.  Status of paperwork received including proof of USAV Tryout membership is posted beside each player‘s name.  If it is not checked off as “yes”, then be sure to get it turned in TODAY **Player’s cannot attend tryouts unless it is completed and turned in BEFORE the day of Tryouts.

Here is the link to the required paperwork:

2023/2024 Program Summary and Cost

Our Program Summary will be available prior to Tryouts so if your athlete is selected you are prepared to accept.  Our goal is to fill all of our teams at Tryouts.

The tournament schedule can be found in the Program Summary.  

2023/2024 Practice Schedule

Eastside and Northend practice schedules for the months of November and December are available to view. Please note - the schedule is subject to change month to month.

SPT – Sports Physical Therapy - Volleyball Performance

Strength and Conditioning Program: SPT has developed a comprehensive Strength and Conditioning Program tailored to competitive volleyball


We will make OFFERS to players and let them know what team they are selected for AT TRYOUTS. All players that are offered positions will have the opportunity to accept their offers at tryouts.. Signing the  Puget Sound Region Letter of Commitment is how you officially commit. All Athletes can SIGN as early as the tryout date. 

Team Offer and Acceptance

An official offer means in writing using the 2024 PSR Letter of Commitment. 

Once offered, players will have 3 options:

  • Accept the offer and sign to secure their spot on the team immediately.
  • Decline the offer.
  • Exercise your right to take 48 hours to decide. 

**See Parent Guide to Letter of Commitment (PDF).

What happens after signing?

A Welcome e-mail is sent 5-6 days after tryouts with the next steps to complete your club registration. The e-mail will come from, so if you don't see it in your inbox, check your junk mail.

Uniform fittings: U12-U18 (2023/2024 Club Season)
Location: TBD
Date & Time: TBD

 FOR IMPORTANT DATES. We update it as soon as information becomes available.


Tryout - Assigned Player Numbers

Please check the list below so that you know your Tryout number*.

  • Assigned number must be visible on player's back so that our coaches know who you are and can evaluate you properly.
  • We recommend using half of an 8 1/2 X 11 paper.
  • Use a black marker to write your athlete's assigned number, name, location. Use a couple safety pins to fasten it to your athletes backSee example of how your athletes tryout tag should look ============>

*If you are trying out for multiple locations you will use the same tryout number.


Safety pin to the BACK of shirt before tryouts.

Which tryout time do I come too?

Beside each player's name is the age group and location they selected when they registered.  

**Click the "View ALL" on the lower right-hand side of the calendar to see a full list of our scheduled tryouts.

Tryout Location:

Overlake Christian Church Gym (Eastside)
9900 Willows Rd, Redmond, WA 98052

Player's Assigned Tryout Number is by AGE as of July 1, 2024


Missing Paperwork

  • Med =  Medical Release/Authorization form
  • Con = Concussion/Cardiac form
    *No-PT - missing parent signature
    *No-PY - missing player signature
  • USAV = Tryout Membership

If it doesn't say "YES" by your name, it means we did not receive the paperwork from you.  We do NOT accept any paperwork onsite, so be sure to get this turned in today. Link to forms:

****NW Juniors has a "no contact" check-in policy, we do NOT accept any paperwork on site.

Codex for Location (LOC)
EA = Eastside
NE = Northend


Last Name First Name Tryout# Loc Med Conc USAV
Burke Eli 11-101 EA Yes Yes Yes
Chien Jeffrey 11-103 EA Yes Yes Yes
Chung Michael 11-102 EA Yes Yes Yes
Schwartz Corbin 11-100 NE Yes Yes Yes
Crispo Jacob 12-115 EA Yes Yes Yes
Hamalainen Paulus 12-114 EA Yes Yes Yes
Hoang Leon  12-111 EA Yes Yes Yes
Kaneko-Young Tie 12-113 EA Yes Yes Yes
Kostelecky Hansen Sean 12-112 EA Yes Yes Yes
Lee Jasyn 12-110 NE Yes Yes Yes
Guest Jake 13-122 EA-ALT Yes Yes Yes
Magham Pranav 13-120 EA Yes Yes Yes
Pyle Gavin 13-123 NE-ALT Yes Yes Yes
Vanderkolk Daniel 13-121 NE Yes Yes Yes
Fujita Koki 14-136 EA Yes Yes Yes
Hutson Payne 14-139 NE-ALT Yes Yes Yes
Le  Brandford  14-130 EA Yes Yes Yes
Liu Daniel 14-134 EA Yes Yes Yes
Nirula Langdon 14-131 NE Yes Yes Yes
Otjen Henry 14-133 NE Yes Yes Yes
Pinson Jack 14-137 EA-ALT Yes Yes Yes
Shimomura  Kyohei  14-135 EA Yes Yes Yes
Snow Blake 14-138 EA-ALT Yes Yes Yes


Last Name First Name Tryout# Loc Med Conc USAV
Arney Kelso 15-169 EA Yes Yes Yes
Carroll Liam 15-158 EA Yes Yes Yes
Chen Arthur 15-153 EA Yes Yes Yes
Eni Gabriel 15-156 EA Yes Yes Yes
Hume Fletcher 15-152 NE Yes Yes Yes
Kiema Issiah 15-155 EA Yes Yes Yes
MacDuff Ethan 15-150 EA Yes Yes Yes
Ortega Castor 15-151 EA Yes Yes Yes
Pyle Talon 15-157 NE-ALT Yes Yes Yes
Richardson Charlie 15-154 EA Yes Yes Yes
Brandt Adam 16-165 EA Yes Yes Yes
Fenton Riley  16-172 EA-ALT Yes Yes Yes
Kokhan Matthew 16-166 NE Yes Yes Yes
Laurent-Hallet Luca 16-168 EA Yes Yes Yes
Liu Aaron 16-167 EA Yes Yes Yes
Nunna Abhijeet  16-132 EA Yes Yes Yes
Shimomura  Takumi  16-171 EA Yes Yes Yes
Vanderkolk Liam 16-170 NE Yes Yes Yes
Carter Miles 17-186 EA Yes Yes Yes
Hamid Gian 17-185 EA Yes Yes Yes
Prichard Christian 17-188 EA Yes Yes Yes
Saad Lincoln 17-191 EA-ALT Yes Yes Yes
Wang Jeffrey 17-190 EA-ALT Yes Yes Yes
Yamakawa Keiichi 17-187 EA Yes Yes Yes
Vikanov Aleksandr 18-201 EA-ALT Yes Yes Yes