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Fall Academy



    Please note that we will be doing a staff introduction before the start of our final tournament. We will ask all participants to gather in the main gym at Newport so we can introduce our U12-U14 coaching staff at approximately 2:30 PM. 

    This is NOT an open house. Clubs are only permitted to offer one open house, and they cannot be in conjunction with on-court activities; therefore our open house on Thursday, October 26th will serve to answer questions about our club.

    Fall Academy Details


    Our Fall Academy is an outstanding opportunity for players who are not currently playing for their school teams to get an introduction to Club Volleyball as part of a competitive volleyball team. Although other clubs are now beginning to offer fall training programs, what sets our Academy apart is COMPETITION.  Similar to club volleyball, players are put onto teams and trained as a team; in addition, we also have scrimmages and tournaments as part of the Academy. Players improve through team training (and learn the basics of team play) but they also get the opportunity to compete! This is the best way to prepare for club tryouts and to get a TOTAL fall training experience.

    Players in the 5th through 8th grades who participate in our Fall Academy will receive individual instruction, develop their skills, and participate in organized competition. The Academy begins in September and extends through the end of October — it concludes right before club volleyball tryouts.  This is a great preview to our NW Juniors VBC Program which begins with tryouts in November, and runs December through May or June.  At the conclusion of the Fall Academy season, players have the option of enrolling in one of our NW Juniors Volleyball Club teams or waiting until we begin short-season training again. The primary intent of this program is to prepare for an expanded club program, however participants will have options should they choose not to play club volleyball.

    We have room for up to 12 teams on the Eastside and 8 teams in the Northend. Registration is first come, first served until we fill all of our openings.  There will be two separate groups of play: 

    • Group 1 will be teams comprised of
      • All 8th graders, or
      • 7th and 8th graders, or
      • All 7th graders with experience
    • Group 2 will be teams comprised of
      • All 7th graders (no club experience?) or
      • 6th and 7th graders, or
      • All 6th graders, or
      • A combination of 5-7th graders

    We will use information provided on the registration forms as well as a skill assessment to assign players to teams, so please fill out registration forms completely.  We make every effort to keep athletes from the same school on the same team or maintain car pools.

    Through the NWJRS Elite, Northwest Juniors, and Fall Academy programs, the NW Volleyball Foundation is proud to serve over 300 female athletes each season! Please see our PROGRAMS  page  for more detailed information on our club program!

    DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: 9/1/17, or until filled. There is  a limited capacity; so a waiting list will be created once we have reached our maximum during the sign-up period. 

    *Note: we occasionally also accept 9th graders that do not make their high school team. We do offer HS training for those players, but sometimes we do not have enough players to train them separately so we include them in our Fall Academy to play with/against our 8th grade teams.

    Uniform Package

    The following uniform package is included in the Program Fees:

    • 1 NW Juniors VBC practice tee-shirt
    • 1 numbered, colored team jersey

    .All apparel will run in Adult Sizes XL, L, M, S and Youth Sizes: XL

    Program Costs:

    Cost to participate in Fall Academy is $465.00.

    Payment structure:

    • A deposit of $65.00 will be required at the time of registration.
    • Option 1: $400 due on Sept 1st
    • Option 2: $200 is due on Sept 1st and again on Oct 1st, 2017.

    Not Included in the cost:  USAV membership

    Cancellation/Refund Policy:  Deposit is non-refundable.  Any drops occurring after August 31st, 2017 will still be fully responsible for the total fees for the Fall Academy season.


    In order to complete registration through our secure site, please have your debit or credit card available.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. 

    Additional Registration Paperwork - Required

    Non-NWJRs Club Members: Additional Registration Paperwork

    Speed up the check in process: e-mail to or fax it to (425) 671-5020 at least 3 days prior to the event.

    NWJRs Elite VBC Members: Paperwork is on file. 

    Additional Registration Paperwork

    If you DID NOT play club with NWJRS Elite VBC or participate in any of our Summer Programs in 2017 then you will need to complete the following registration items.

    • Medical History & Release FormIf you played club this year, this is the same one you gave to your club or coach at the beginning of the season.  This is information the tournament director must collect in case you get injured at a tournament.  It helps the Tournament Director know what procedures your parents want used to treat your injuries.  It is also medical history for the doctors at the hospital... very important in case you have any allergies. 

    • Lystedt Concussion & Sudden Cardiac Arrest Form  Also a form you turned in at the beginning of the club season.

    • Proof of USAV Membership  See below for additional information Registration is open. If you have trouble with this portion of the registration, please contact Puget Sound Region VB by calling 425-673-4103 or emailing

    In order to speed up the check-in process, please e-mail the completed and signed paperwork to or fax it to (425) 671-5020 by August 31st.


    USAV Membership & Insurance

    ALL PLAYERS MUST HAVE A USA VOLLEYBALL MEMBERSHIP. Membership costs are not included in the program fees. You will pay for your own membership when you register for USAV. There are three primary types of membership:

    1. If you played on a USA Volleyball club team during the 2017 season, your full junior membership is already secure through October 31st, 2017.  If you did not play for our Club NW Juniors during the 2017 season, please be sure to email us a copy of your membership card. If you don't have a copy of your membership, go to the USAV Membership Login Page and enter your personal Username and Password.  Once you are on your personal page, look to the left column, and click "Print Membership Card" and print that page.  That is your USAV Card.  Print out an extra copy for yourself and keep it with you... just in case.
    2. Summer membership became available in May and continues through October 31, 2017. Many athletes that did not play club, but participated in summer activities like camps or beach tournaments secure this membership for a partial season. Cost for this membership is $25 and is still available.
    3. Fall League membership is available now and valid thru October 31, 2017. This membership covers the athlete for the Fall Academy season and costs $10.Fall League membership registration is open.

    If you are securing a new membership, when selecting a club, you may either select "Northwest Juniors VBC" or “undecided” for club. If you select NWJRS, we will be able to see your membership in our club database. If you select "undecided", when you receive your confirmation email, please forward it to us at  

    Please note that if you are trying out for a junior club in November (for the 2017-18 season) you will still need to secure a tryout membership. The membership you secure for Fall Academy is for the 2016-17 season and expires 10/31/17; Tryouts begin 10/28/17.

    Click below to go to the New USAV Member Registration:

    Practice and Tournament Schedule

    FALL ACADEMY season runs from the beginning of September through the end of October (club tryouts begin the first week of November, typically).
    First official practice will be the week of September 5-10 (No practice Labor Day)

    Teams will practice 2 days per week (including one practice on Sundays), with scrimmage matches or skill-specific training clinics included. Sunday practices will be 2 hours in length, weeknight practices will be 90 minutes to 2 hours depending on gym availability.

    PRACTICES will be held at our typical NW Juniors practice Facilities


    • Weeknight Practices are at Eastside Christian School: 14615 SE 22nd St, Bellevue, WA 98007 [DIRECTIONS]. We have Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday available to us. Practice times are 6-7:30pm or 7:30-9pm.
    • Sunday Practices are in the afternoon at: 
    • Tyee Middle School: 13630 SE Allen Rd  Bellevue, WA 98006
      Gym entrance is on the back of the school through the lobby to the left of the community gym: [DIRECTIONS]
    • Tyee Community Gym: 13630 SE Allen Rd. Bellevue, WA 98006
      Gym entrance is at the back of the school, close to SE 40th St.  [DIRECTIONS]


    • Weeknight practices are at Beautiful Savior Church Gym: 12810 35th Ave SE, Mill Creek,  98208 [DIRECTIONS]. We have Tuesday set aside for Practices. Practice times are 6-7:30 pm or 7:30-9 pm.
    • Sunday practices are in the afternoon at Beautiful Savior or at Edmonds Community College, Seaview Gym: 20000 68th Ave. W, Lynnwood WA 98036 [DIRECTIONS]

    The schedule depends primarily on gym availability and the number of teams fielded.

    PRACTICE SCHEDULE: Will be posted above each team’s roster

    Rosters and Schedules

    These are the weeknight teams and practice schedules for the Eastside teams. We will finalize the Sunday times and locations once we hear from our Bellevue School District contacts. The first weeknight practice is Tuesday, September 5th. The first Sunday practice is Sunday, September 10th. 


    If you have not turned in your Medical Release, Cardiac/Concussion Form and Proof of USAV membership by Thursday August 31st, then you will need to bring it to your first practice.


    Mondays: Eastside Christian, 6:00 - 7:30 PM
    Sundays: See Below
    9/5/17 is a holiday so this will not be your first practice.


    Coach: Jason Sanchez; TEAM COLOR: NAVY

    Sunday: 2:30 - 4:30 PM, Newport HS (Main)


    Coach: Casey Brown; TEAM COLOR: WHITE

    Sunday: 12:30 - 2:30 PM, TYEE MS

    1 Iyliyah Bradshaw Kirkland MS   1 Nyah Taylor Chinook MS
    2 Cate Henning Chinook MS    2 Elena Kong East Prep
    3 Karis Jin Stella Schola   3 Audrey Merluzeau Holy Family Kirkland
    4 Bada Jung Pacific Cascade MS   4 Laura Hwang Lakeside MS
    5 Anna Pelluer Rose Hill MS   5 Angelique Wu Odle MS
    6 Ryma Patil Open Window School   6 Annie Chen Odle MS
    7 Bianca Quilliam The Bear Creek School   7 Tiffany Lau Role Hill MS
    8 Jasmine Vuong Kirkland MS   8 Hannah  Anderson St. Anthony
    9 Riley Westby St Louise   9 Maia Coffman Tillicum MS
    10 Eva Winter Canyon Park MS   10 Brooke Bilsborough Tyee MS
    11         11 Sophia Alexi Macariola Forest Ridge
              12 Margaret Bian Forest Ridge


    Tuesdays: Eastside Christian, 6:00 - 7:30 PM
    Sundays: See Below

    COACH: Rod Paulino, TEAM COLOR: GOLD

    Sunday: 4:30 - 6:30 PM, Newport HS (Main) Revised Time


    COACH: Georgia Romine-Black, TEAM COLOR: PINK

    Sunday: 4:30 - 6:30 PM, Newport HS (Aux)

    1 Reagan Bland Cherry Crest ES   1 Zanthe Hanleybrown Odle MS
    2 Lucianna Colindres Beaver Lake MS   2 Rose Maurer Holy Family Kirkland
    3 Melena Wong Islander Middle School   3 Elizabeth Tolbert Chinook
    4 Rowan Mason Issaquah Valley Elementary   4 Addie Kuehner Eastside Christian School
    5 Cora Petersen Maywood Middle School   5 Mackenzie Bravo Woo Odle MS
    6 Victoria Plumb Northshore Middle School   6 Jean  Yu Odle MS
    7 Dakota Nap Risdon MS   7 Ellie Kim Odle MS
    8 Isabelle Reynoso Sacred Heart School   8 Ellie Hsu Odle MS
    9 Mackenzie  DePoy Sacred Heart School   9 Lillian Huang Tyee MS
    10 Abigail Nelson Sacred Heart School   10 Gina Saez Homeschool
    11 Sue Yu Odle MS   11 Anabelle Haughney Seattle Academy


    Tuesdays: Eastside Christian, 7:30-9:00 PM
    Sundays: See Below


    COACH: Sabry Hefny, TEAM COLOR: RED

    Sunday: 12:30 - 2:30, TYEE MS (Revised)

    1 Juliette Bournay Assumption St. Bridget
    2 Taylor Price Villa Academy
    3 Emma Pollari Highland MS
    4 Annika Knopf Inglewood MS
    5 Aditi Mannby Islander MS
    6 Navya Dalmia Lakeside MS
    7 Rachel Lewis Maywood MS
    8 Sabrina Sanchez Risdon MS
    9 Ellexa  Gerdes Inglewood MS
    10 Sienna Evangelista St. Anthony School



    Thursdays: Eastside Christian: 6:00 - 7:30 PM
    Sundays: See Below


    Coach: Kelci Stewart; TEAM COLOR: BLACK

    Sundays: 2:30 - 4:30 PM, Newport HS (Main)


    Coach: Emily Yoder; TEAM COLOR: GREY

    Sundays: 4:30 - 6:30 PM, Newport HS (Main) 

      Name School     NAME SCHOOL
    1 Lydia Aiello St Louise    1 Zoey Schuler Apollo MS
    2 Ainsley Cahill St. Joseph Seattle   2 Kendall Andonian Big Picture School
    3 Katelyn Carlsen Sacred Heart   3 Maia Womack Bellevue Montessori
    4 Jada  Cho Forest Ridge   4 Taryn Fleharty Environmental & Adventure School
    5 Katelyn Huang Tyee MS   5 Madeline Walter Redmond MS
    6 Alison Lee Tyee MS   6 Jessica Martin Renaissance
    7 Anantika Mannby Islander MS   7 Darby Kelly St. Madeline Sophie
    8 Allie Marinkovich Holy Family Kirkland   8 Risha Shaikh Tolt MS
    9 Kate Moen Issaquah MS   9 Marlow Chalmers Tyee MS
    10 Anna Pool-Norby Tyee MS   10 Charlotte Laughlin Tyee MS
    11 Savanna Sanders Tillicum MS   11 Jessie Bai International School
    12 Sandhya Seetharaman Odle MS   12 Cassidy Gustine Evergreen MS


    Thursdays: Eastside Christian, 7:30 - 9:00 PM
    Sundays: See Below


    Coach: Alyx Fuller;  TEAM COLOR: ROYAL

    Sundays: 2:30 - 4:30 PM, Newport HS (Aux)


    Coach: Kendall Koch; TEAM COLOR: LIGHT BLUE

    Sundays: 2:30 - 4:30 PM, Newport HS (Aux)

    1 Katelyn Bland Odle MS   1 Teresa Akers St. Louise
    2 Sophia Curtis Tyee MS   2 Jaya Badh Inglewood MS
    3 Haley Luther Pine Lake MS   3 Hannah Colon Redmond MS
    4 Sophia Mai Tyee MS   4 Ayezah Dar Evergreen MS 
    5 Ella Moore Chief Kanim MS   5 Hailey Deines Nelsen MS
    6 Alyssa Ray Summit Classical Christian   6 Hailey Geibel Highland MS
    7 Avery  Robertson Beaver Lake MS   7 Charlotte Olenick Kirkland MS
    8 Amber Wu Tyee MS   8 Rachel Sokoloski Risdon MS
    9 Dina Garber Beaver Lake MS   9 Rhea Misra Eastside Preparatory
    10 Campbell Burr Island MS   10 Elizabeth Sullivan St. Louise
    11 Megan Donovan Holy Family Kirkland          
    12 Prianka  Mukhara   Ode MS          

    Northend Teams

    Practices will be Tuesday from 6-7:30 PM and Sunday from 12:30 - 2:30 PM
    All practices will be at Beautiful Savior Church. 

    Level 2 Team: Coach: Ivan Maruta - TEAM COLOR: PURPLE

       Name School
    1 Samantha Anderson-Jameson Gateway Middle School
    2 Laiken Thoesen Spruce Elementary
    3 Peri Hoshock Evergreen Middle School
    4 Eden  Thoesen Meadowdale Middle
    5 Ella Deiner Robert Eagle Staff Middle School
    6 Kylie Woelfle Gateway Middle School
    7 Ha'ani Clayton Canyon Park Middle School
    8 Jessica Laing Rose Hill MS
    9 Ashley Erickson Heatherwood MS
    10 Lauren Ellis Dutch Hill Elementary


    Level 1 Team: Coach Matthew Dawson - TEAM COLOR: GREEN

       Name School
    1 Siena Stewart Brier Terrace Middle School
    2 Kada  Tillman Canyon Park Middle School
    3 Eva Atkins Eckstein Middle School
    4 Marissa Martinez Gateway Middle School
    5 Elle Turner Gateway Middle School
    6 Aspen Harder Heatherwood Middle School
    7 Sara Alcazar St. Mary Magdalen
    8 Cliodhna McGuigan St. Brendan
    9 Elly Ponti St. Brendan

    Competition Schedule

    Final Dates and locations will be filled in.
    Always on Sunday


    (Replaces Sunday Practice)

    October 1st, 2017

    2:30 - 5:30 -- Kelci, Jason, Casey, Kendall, Georgia, Matthew, Sabry, Alyx

    12:30 - 2:30 -- Ivan, Rod, Emily

    Newport HS


    Season Kickoff

    October 8th, 2017

    2:30 - 8:30 PM

    Newport HS

    Season Finale

    October 22, 2017

    2:30 - 8:30 PM

    Newport HS


    There will be one practice after the last tournament. Junior club tryouts begin throughout the region on Saturday, October 28th.

    2017 Season Coaches

    We will continue to update this list as we finalize assignments: 

    EASTSIDE STAFF (click name to email) NORTHEND STAFF
    Kelci Stewart, Sabry HefnyAlyx Fuller Ivan Maruta
    Jason SanchezCasey BrownKendall Koch Chris Navarez
    Emily Yoder, Rod Paulino Matthew Dawson
    Georgia Romine-BlackPeter Kim,  
    Joe Tassia (HS training)  


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